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A marine construction company is best placed to construct different residential and commercial projects such as docks, marinas, jetties, and boathouses. Large marine construction companies can be contracted to build commercial piers, ferry terminals and dredging channels to open up the waterways. Investors looking to establish a marine construction company need to familiarize themselves with important industry matters like business marketing, licensing and taxation.

According to Career Trend, a marine business license can be obtained from the relevant state department of natural resources or local water management authority. In certain jurisdictions, the US Army Corps of Engineers may be called to issue a marine permit. An ideal location of a marine construction business should also be near a dock or channel entry. The locale should have a secure outdoor storage, pilings and dock components yard to effectively support the business.

Marketing a dock construction company

Competition in the building and construction industry can be stiff and unrelenting, especially if there is a dominant player in the market. Marketing a dock construction company requires skills and utmost dedication. A good strategy should be grounded on service reliability, positive reputation and sound lead generation. According to FitSmallBusiness, a decks and docks construction company needs to apply the following marketing strategies to target clients:

1.     Join an association that champions industry causes

Florida is home to many decks and docks businesses and associations that support the interest of members. Joining the association can help a construction company obtain fruitful connections, explore new leads and spur business growth. Through business associations, member companies also have a platform to market their services at a reasonable cost or risk-free.

2.     Liaise with building materials companies

A small or growing construction company can boost its market presence online by liaising with an established building-dock material supplier and other industry players. For instance, a dock building company can have a supplier list them on their website to enhance keyword rankings as part of a Search Engine Optimization strategy.

3.     Manage social media handles prudently

The impact of social media platforms in marketing cannot be overlooked as the sites attract millions of users of different ages. The most popular sites in terms of market and reach are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A dock or decking company can use their social media handle to make an intuitive posting on issues touching on the business and industry in general.

4.     Run targeted advertisements

An effective promotional material for a construction company should be focused on specific elements and not try to be everything to all people. Research shows super-specific advertisements can increase conversion rates and customer attention. To capture the attention of the audience, a construction company should ensure important details from services to timelines are listed on the company homepage, landing page or advertising billboard.

5.     Keep a professional website

A business website provides a perfect platform to showcase company offerings. For starters, the website will send a signal that you are a legitimate concern who means what you say. Construction companies can also use the platform to showcase their most prolific projects.

6.     Follow-up with leads and customers

To boost company sales, construction companies need to follow the existing leads and customers. The follow-up can be done a few months after a project is completed to ensure the business retains customers and don’t miss out on upcoming opportunities. One of the most effective lead and customer handling tool is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

7.     Use hoarding signs on assigned construction sites

If your construction company is assigned a project, you can place hoarding signs on the construction site to advertise the service offerings for free. Depending on the length of the construction, the advertisement can run for as long as the construction is ongoing.

8.     Use custom logo to distinguish your brand

One of the most effective strategies to enhance brand recognition is creating a personalized logo. A powerful logo can help a business create a lasting impression on prospects and existing customers. The logo design service can be bought cheaply from digital work platforms like Fiverr.

9.     Solicit customer reviews

Most construction projects are capital intensive and time-consuming. Positive reviews and word of mouth can go a long way to help a business boost sales and encourage future business. For optimal effect, a construction company can actively solicit positive reviews from customers while responding promptly to negative reviews and ensure all rising queries are sorted out on time.

10.   Create Do-It-Yourself content that goes viral

Having a creative content and video on sites like YouTube and Pinterest can help a dock construction company generate serious buzz. Contents normally become viral when people visit a site and amplify the content through sharing. Businesses can use this opportunity to showcase their services and expertise. For an effective outcomes, the content should be laden with powerful leads.

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