10 Tips on Choosing and Buying Tiles


Modern wall and tile flooring offer a wide variety of formats, colors and designs. In addition to visual inspection of qualities, there are different functions in Newcastle Tiling, such as different surface properties, which you should take into account when selecting tiles.

  1. Pick up the inspiration for interior design at the start of your planning phase, and then find your beloved tile design offering murals solutions for every lifestyle and application. In addition, the ceramic coating is very durable, and its surface is resistant. For the long years of enjoying a new design, the floor or the walls, you need time to choose a new tile.
  2. Select not only the tile design, but and the format, because it determines what solutions are possible when tiles with a unique appearance, but with another format and another the drawing can completely achieve an impressive effect in the room. Color tiles also affects the impression of bathroom, living room or bedroom. Many builders do not know that the color of the joints and their width influence the subsequent visual effect of the walls or floors.
  3. Are you looking for bathroom tiles or terrace tile?

When buying tiles, keep in mind the desired area tiles is a classic wall tile. Thanks to a lower weight of tile mud and it has very good excellent sealing power properties. Due to its relatively high porosity, the material is ideal for a variety of designs. Because porcelain stoneware tiles are easy to work with, they are also an ideal material for lining wall niches, shelves and floor-standing bathroom fixtures. As floor tiles it is recommended to use extremely elastic and resistant to abrasion, granite, but for some time, and were used as wall tiles. Due to its low volume, the ceramic capacity can also be used on the terrace and on the balconies

  1. Select floor tile for the bathroom and on the, where it can become dangerously slippery due to moisture and humidity, non-slip stoneware with. Non-slip floor tiles, it is especially recommended for shower cubicles. Manufacturers of brands use the so-called R-class, to provide information on the level of slip resistance. Your tile and grout dealer selects the correct slip resistance class for your construction project.
  2. Be aware of the cold resistance of outdoor patty tiles, and the exposure climate, such as humidity, sun and high temperature fluctuations, are challenging for the exterior of the materials. Modern tiles for patios and balconies sustain daily life outdoors, on the condition that they are the originals of the tiles, which were announced by the manufacturer as resistance.
  3. In general, porcelain stoneware with mortar qualities suitable for outdoor use. It is useful to know: the tiles have different surfaces and surfaces, which explain the cleaning efforts and of all kinds, as a rule, are characterized by very high ease of cleaning and maintenance. The main distinction to be made between Newcastle Tiling the tile surfaces with one part and not enameled or polished surfaces with the other. Glazed ceramic tiles and factory tiles surface treatment (the seal) by its nature are Dirt-resistant, wear-resistant, highly gritty and at the same time easily washable. In the case of polished porcelain stoneware and non-gloss ceramic coatings without surface treatment, manufacturers often recommend impregnation prevention immediately after installation, to avoid contamination of liquid colors, fats or oils.
  4. Often the areas need to be resistant to the principle, especially durable and resistant coating ceramics – even at high loads. Manufacturers use the so-called abrasion group, to provide information on the wear resistance of floor tiles. An abrasion group is divided into five classes (1 represents the lowest level of 5 is the highest level of abrasion resistance), which also indicates the area of ​​the application in question, the floor tiles. Tiles recommend abrasion group
  5. Home tiles without further workloads, such as bedrooms or living rooms. In visited residential (for example, in kitchens, in hallways, on terraces).
  6. Choose tiles with the ideals of the edges, if you want to cast their narrow larger formats you can place only the narrow joints, if the edges are precise and direct. For this reason, modern ceramic manufacturers in the home already sand the edges of the factory.
  7. Laying tiles – professional thing! Whether modern and large formats, filigree mosaic or fashionable formats: modern tiles require a professional and technically qualified assembly. For this reason, German brand manufacturers recommend relying on Newcastle Tiling  laying by a specialist. Because the companies that the assistant or the teachers’ guild dealing with tile laying, not only have the technical knowledge and years of experience in tile laying, but also know structural of training requirements. From the foundation and depend on modern, high-quality glue compositions and compounds. Ask family and friends, if they can recommend the assistant for the company or for laying tiles near you. If you have started the search yourself, you choose a company should have the opportunity to present the references, for example, on their home page and give the possibility to contact satisfied customers. Consult your specialist dealer or the dealer that you in addition to the appearance, there is a lot of functionality of the moments and the nuances of mounting, which must be taken into account when choosing. For this reason, you should consult retailers or tile installation companies as before, at the beginning of your specific planning. In addition to databased information on Newcastle Tiling placement tracking issues and properties, you will also receive design advice.

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