Friday, May 24, 2024

While working from home definitely has some benefits, finding the motivation and productivity that you once had when working on-site might be difficult to come by.

One reason for this could be that your home office space isn’t as well attuned to efficiency as your place of business. So to help you transform your current workspace into an area where it’s easy for you to focus on your work, here are three ways you can encourage more productivity in your home office.

Create A Comfortable Environment

If you hadn’t planned on working from home but you’ve been doing so as part of the pandemic, you likely haven’t put the time or thought into your home office space that you should have. As a result, you might feel that your home office is simply too uncomfortable for you to really want to hunker down there and get your work done as productively as possible.

To combat these feelings, Sarah Pike, recommends that you do things like adding plants, putting on some of your favorite music, and getting your space set to the perfect temperature in order to make your work environment as comfortable for you as it can be. You should also make sure that you’re set up with the right office equipment, like a supportive chair and ergonomic desk accessories, so that your body can be as comfortable as your mind is in your space.

Separate Yourself From The Noise

Productivity can be hard to achieve when you’re constantly being barraged by distractions. And although distractions can take place anywhere, the distractions of home often pull people farther out of their work than distractions did at the office.

Knowing this, Tikva Morrow, a contributor to The Muse, suggests that you try to separate yourself from the noise and distractions of your home by setting up your home office space in the quietest part of your house. While this might not be in an actual home office area, the most serene space may help you become your most productive.

Consider Using More Colors

The way you decorate and design your home office space can also play a big role in how productive you feel in that environment.

According to Bryan Collins, a contributor to, choosing certain colors to showcase in your office space can bring up specific emotions. For example, red can be energizing while green can promote creativity and blue becomes calming. So depending on what it is your body and mind need in order to be more productive, you may want to consider using the coordinating color more in your space.

If you’re needing to be more productive with the time you spend working at home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you achieve this goal.


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