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Stainless steel performs well regarding corrosion resistance. However, this does not mean that maintaining it is unnecessary. Since it will be exposed to elements such as water, dust, acid, and oil, failure to maintain it would only retard it. If you have stainless steel balustrades, you have to maintain them to ensure that they do not stand out in a bad way. This article highlights a few practical ways to keep your stainless-steel balustrades.


Cleaning is the basic maintenance practice for your balustrades. Cleaning helps remove grease, fat, fingerprint, food, and water stains. It also helps eradicate limescale. Understand that different types of stains require different cleaning approaches. If you have ordinary stains, using water and a mild detergent would do the trick. In case you have acid stains, it is advisable to use plenty of water. Using harsh and rough cleaning products is inadvisable irrespective of how tough stains appear. Abrasive powders and metallic scourers, for instance, only spoil the finish.

Eradicate Rust

In case you live in a locality with plenty of airborne pollutants, your stainless-steel balustrades are likely to rust. When dust, for instance, settles on the surface, it ends up absorbing moisture. The moisture ends up corroding the balustrades. Rust also develops faster if there are scratches on the surface. Rust also develops at the junctions with the beams. If you notice any rust, you ought to employ proper rust removal practices, then apply lubricating oil.

Seal Your Balustrade

Protecting stainless steel balustrade installed in open spaces or the exterior of your home would be tricky. Fortunately, you can always seal your investment. Wax coating remains the simplest way to protect the same. Since wax coating requires expertise, consider entrusting the work to a professional. If you prefer other types of coats, choose among tested and proved products. Since you ought to retain the appearance of your balustrade, choose among sealants that would not alter its appearance.

Avoid Hitting Your Balustrade

Hitting and knocking your balustrade would deform it. You should discourage family members from doing the same. If you have youngsters, it is important that they do not play near the balustrade. In case of accidents that end up deforming the balustrades or the beams, it is important to make the necessary repairs in time. Doing the necessary repairs in time helps avoid further damage, which might make repair work extensive and expensive.

Take Care of Scratches

Scratches on stainless steel balustrade would be unsightly. Understand that sealing only helps before the balustrades are scratched. This means that if you have scratches already, you have to remove them before applying your sealant. Soft scrubbers usually work well regarding scratch removal. It is advisable to rub in one direction to avoid crisscross lines on your balustrade. You should also use a soft fabric to buff afterward.

Setting a routine makes maintaining your balustrades easier. A routine ensures that you do not neglect your investment, which can mean extensive damage. While you can always contact a steel supplier for replacements, proper maintenance helps avoid the inconveniences and expenses that come with replacement.


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