Friday, May 24, 2024

Running your own brick and mortar establishment means you have to find ways to draw in more bodies.  The more people you have come through your store each day, the more money you will make.  It’s simple.  

Learning the right ways to draw the eyes and interest of passersby will help your business thrive.  Take a few moments for research now, and check out a few ways you can take action to draw more traffic to your brick and mortar business today.  

Add an ATM to your establishment

The simple presence of an ATM in your business will draw more foot traffic.  Having an ATM available for customers draws some people for easy access to funds.  

Stats show that when people withdraw money from an ATM inside a store, they typically make a small purchase as well.  Consider whether an ATM could be a complimentary addition to your business.  

Work on your curb appeal

Making your store look more interesting and exciting from the outside can help bring more people to the inside of your establishment.  The most useful way to do this is to spruce up the signage outside or your store.  

Craft an excellent sign for your store name.  Use your windows to advertise specials, and craft an all-around welcoming feel to the exterior of your shop to draw in more inquisitive consumers. 

Appeal to social media channels 

Incorporate the popularity of social media as a marketing tactics to draw more people into your brick and mortar establishment.  With a busy social media presence, you can draw users into the store with special offers for those who like and follow your page.  

Maintain a lively social media presence for a more lively response to your marketing tactics.  Post often, and keep it interesting to find the best results.  

Claim your Google My Business listing

If you haven’t yet claimed your operation’s Google My Business listing, take action now.  Google business listings offer invaluable information for consumers searching for services in your area.  

When your Google My Business listing is thorough, people searching for your sort of operation can view your store hours, your address, and easily get GPS directions on Google Maps.  Make it easy for people to find your store, and you will have more customers in your store.  

Host as event at your store

Hosting a special event at your location will encourage new interest in your products and services.  Host an event that compliments your business.  

For instance, a store for athletic gear could host a yoga instruction course.  A metaphysical store could thrive from hosting a Halloween party.  Think of your target consumer, and host something appealing to your customer base. 


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