Thursday, June 20, 2024 welcomes in its columns Serge Blue from an excellent site dedicated to marketing in all its forms. Serge echoes our last article “7 tips to make a small business seo known via the Internet! “Via this article completely complementary.

Indeed for any merchant, his website must allow him to generate traffic in the store, this is why this article will introduce you to 8 traffic generation solutions implemented by several brands on the Internet.

Indeed, a purchase can be broken down into three phases:

Searching for information,

Comparison of offers,

The transaction.

The first essential point is of course to offer quality content. The description of products and services must be comprehensive enough to answer the questions of the prospect without being boring.

Internet users often appreciate being able to print the product sheets viewed on a website. This phenomenon seems to be accentuated when the product is involving the consumer. For example, Mr. Quesnel, hearing care professional in Nevers, found that during a first visit, his clients often came with printed pages from the sign’s site. These documents sometimes become support during this first interview.

  • The identity card of the store

So simple and yet so useful! Store contact information is often limited to a list of addresses. One sheet per store is simple to make and very useful. On the card must appear complete contact details (address, phone …), opening hours, a map, a photo of the store, useful information.

  • The trial offer

The trial offer is an invitation to visit a point of sale to try the product. This is a service routinely offered on their websites by car manufacturers. Registration entitles you to a test drive. It is a simple form to implement that allows both to generate traffic in the store and to build a prospect database.

  • The appointment

All as simple technically is arranging an appointment at the point of sale. The user completes a form on the website to obtain an appointment “advice” with a seller. Like the trial offer, it also allows feeding a file of prospects. But the SEO service offered must be up to the expectations of the customer. The service provided must be personalized and of quality. A little theatricalization for this first contact values ​​the client’s request (private area, dedicated advisor, duration.

  • A gift to pick up in store

With the gift to withdraw in-store or e-couponing, the principle is to give Internet users an advantage they can only get in the store. This article in the newspaper du net illustrates the synergy established by King Jouet between physical stores and website. The distributor offers on his cash vouchers coupons valid on his website. Conversely, on the brand’s website, members of the loyalty club receive discount coupons that can be used in stores.

More recently, Truffaut was winning Internet users a “collector bag.” All you have to do is a record on the site, print the completed form and come to the store. In a multimedia approach, the sign relayed the operation by advertisements in 6 magazines. These advertisements contained “secret” codes that were requested in the web form. Of course, these codes were easily found on the Internet at forums or sites “Good Deals.”

  • The availability of products in the store

More and more sites are offering both online and in-store purchase offer product inventory verification functionality in physical stores. Availability this is particularly the case of Darty, Grosbill. But this interesting service for the user is also made available by some brands presenting only a product catalog without online payment. This is particularly the case for Decathlon who, after having invited the user to select a store, systematically displays the availability of the products consulted for this store.

  • The merchant site

Paradoxically, an online sales site can encourage Internet users to buy in a physical store. It is the experience of space-hearing or hearing-center. These two competing sites sell hearing aids or ear hygiene products. The owners of these online stores are hearing care professionals. For them, the marketing of accessories is a secondary activity compared to hearing aids.

  • Withdrawing goods in the store

Some merchant sites offer the withdrawal of goods in store (Darty, Pixmania …). It saves time and saves shipping costs for the user. But for some traders, it is also an opportunity to suggest other accompanying products to the user. The computer integrator E-soph often checks that the buyer has all the necessary cables and accessories for the installation of the acquired product.


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