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An employment agency near me provides a wide range of employment opportunities to potential candidates. Employment service industry involves many specialisations from professional to the office to production specialisations.

Generally, the occupations in the employment service industry encompass both permanent personnel and a variety of jobs provided through the temporary agreement. You can find more information here.

  1. Financial, Management and Sales Occupations.

If you consider an employment agency near me, you can get the financial, sales, and even management positions. You will find the agency looks is quite valuable in looking for finding work for you in these positions, which accounts for 10% of jobs in the job market. As a manager, for instance, if you get a job at any recruitment agency as a manager, you will be needed to conduct interviews of potential candidates. Then in the same category of management, we have placement professionals who are tasked with evaluating candidates in order to place them in the right positions.

  1. Office and Administrative Support.

This is one of the most sought occupations in any industry. These positions are either perm or temp. However, to be considered for these positions, you need to have considerable years of experience working in the related field. However, when chosen for these positions, you can always take specialized training to get skills such as office management. A typical position in administrative support is that of a secretary and office receptionist. Secretaries do a range of things such as producing reports, answering phones, typing, among others. However, these functions depend on the scale of the company. Smaller companies may not need a secretary to take phones on behalf of the company.

  1. Production, Transportation and Storage Occupations.

These occupations take 40% of employment in most industries. Some of the occupations don’t need one to have high academic qualifications and sometimes don’t need you to have gone beyond high school, though they might rely heavily on your experience. Others require a lot of experience. For instance, fabricators and assemblers may perform the work of assembling and connecting parts of a mechanical or electronic device. Non-skilled labourers might do a more a repetitive task on the production line. Labourers and freight are usually tasked with the work of moving materials and storing them in warehouses or factories.

  1. Professional Occupations.

An employment agency near me can find for me a professional vacancy depending on my area of specialisation. Many of these positions are requires you to be an expert in a certain field. It includes a range of specialists and practitioners. Many of these positions need a lot of learning, especially in post-secondary education, to qualify. For instance, a doctor should have a minimum of a degree. Other occupations that require tertiary education include teachers, nurses, computer programmers, etc. however, you should note that though a computer programmer is not mandatory to have a postsecondary education, formal training is essential especially if he is working in very sensitive areas such as preventing the company software against hackers and keeping the payrolls for the company employees. With the right job agency, you can find work in your profession.


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