Thursday, June 20, 2024

Who here has not heard about a thing called play-to-earn NFT games? Chances are that most gamers around the world have already been exposed to this idea, at least, in some capacity. You can learn about the reality of worldwide famous NFTs and how to create them, on this website:


This new take on gaming is being called the future of gaming and one of the most incredible combinations of an industry with the world of finance and blockchain technology.

Popular and reputable play-to-earn games like SolChicks are leading this industry endeavor and providing individual players the opportunity to get a financial payoff on their playing.

This is no small thing. In the traditional version of gaming, income is not that easily accessible nor widespread. Gaming is still mostly done for the love of it and for the joy of it, but if we told you that you still get to keep that part as you earn money by playing?

What are NFT P2E games?

While this new combination might not just yet be everyone’s cup of tea, it is undeniable that the horizon has expanded and so has the gaming industry. Considering giving it a try too?

NFT P2E games are a new peak development that allows for individual players to earn real-value rewards such as tokens, as they obtain different in-game non-fungible tokens collectibles that they can put on the marketplace and sell off rent, or trade for profit.

What sets these games apart is the fact that players around the world are now becoming individual owners of items in their favorite games, the same items that they worked so hard to come into possession of. The idea behind this concept is both effective and incredibly simple.

Unlike the usual gaming rules you are accustomed to, players are owners whose ownership rights are clearly stored on a blockchain. This is an additional layer of safety for your gaming investment, as this data cannot be easily changed or tampered with.

How do P2E games work?

The more that players spend playing the game, the better the rewards. The better they play, the higher the value of in-game NFTs. The higher the value of NFTs, the bigger the payoff. This is not only driving engagement from players but also boosting the games themselves.

Once you have got your NFTs that you want to cash in on, you will go ahead and find a marketplace you like, or a marketplace that is recommended by the game you chose to play.

Once this step is completed, you will publish your items onto the said marketplace and wait for the right buyer (if you are not renting or trading, in which cases the idea stays the same).

Once the buyer comes along and purchases your item, you will get paid in cryptocurrency. The last step between you and cash is the exchange process and a little bit of patience. That is how you cash in on your favorite activity with a little help from play-to-earn games.

Best play-to-earn games right now

This is not an easy question to tackle, as dozens of games are dropping every month. However, we bring you our top three list in the world of play-to-earn NFT gaming:


This is one of the most reputable and awaited games in the NFT P2E world. Several reasons come into play, including the perfectly-executed fantasy gameplay, where you will be joining in on the battle for your home planet of the name Chicco, fighting to defend it from the mean enemy called SolFox. Take care of your character, breed it (after level 45), do different missions and quests, and we are sure you will be more than content with choosing this one.

Gods Unchained

 This free-to-play tactical card game will have you glued to your chair as you attempt to outwit your opponents utilizing good strategy. Stepping into the role of a god in a battle against another god, this game keeps its economy interesting by allowing for full ownership of all in-game digital assets and over 500 cards circulating.


Look no further if you adore games and video games that have to do with getting a hold of territory and resources. This is exactly what Cryowar is about. Filled with missions to take out another player’s territory, it will have you face fights over resources, as well as deal with dilemmas on governance, economy, and, ultimately, domination.


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