Friday, May 24, 2024

With the turn of the digital era, the way we engage and use data is changing rapidly.  It could be that we must educate ourselves on the demands of today and understand what that means and how we need to transform our business.  Times are changing and we need to change too.  If we didn’t, we would still be writing our records down on stone tablets.  So, the evolution of business and processes is nothing new, it has just moved into new territories and we need to know what those are.  While you could argue that it doesn’t matter, your business runs perfectly fine the way it is, there is no doubt that modern technology offers you new and improved ways that are much more accurate, effective and efficient.  It helps to reduce errors and can increase the time it takes to get things done therefore improving your business functioning.

Data restoration, conversion, and migration

These are important elements of data management that need to be considered especially when you are starting out.  Restoring data will take old data in other formats and media and convert them into the format that will be used to store your data.  Once it has been converted you can migrate it to the place where you will manage and have long term storage systems in place.  If you search online for a phrase like ‘data restoration Canberra‘ you will easily be able to find the right company to help you with this process.

Make sure you have your backups in place

If it is old data, you will want to create back up versions somewhere in a long-term storage portfolio that can be accessed if need be.  But even your current daily data needs to be backed up.  Duplicates must be made to your files and then encrypted to protect it from viruses and threats.  Sometimes these threats aren’t even online but physical, such as natural disasters.  For this reason, it is good to keep your back-ups either in portable media devices that are kept off-site in a secure location, or online in a cloud solution space.

Have tight data management practices

Just like the more physical practice of filing and paper management was a necessity in the business, now you need to ensure very tight and efficient data management practice.  Don’t underestimate the complexity that this entails.  You may want to hire a 3rd party company to support this process or set up a team internally.  Your team might not need to be more than a party of one to start off with, but it is important that the responsibility is formally designated to someone and not assumed or taken for granted that it will happen.

Always have an anti-virus

Your IT guys will be able to advise on anti-virus software to use.  There is a lot of options that you can choose, and some can come for free or relatively cheap while others are exorbitantly expensive.  You also need to cover both anti-virus threats and ransomware which will steal your business data and only return it after you pay a fee.


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