Thursday, June 20, 2024

K-pop plus NFTs. It’s something that while strange, seems like a natural fit now that we’ve seen it realized. Combining completely different things can yield varying results but we think that the devs of this game blew it out of the park with this one. In case you don’t know we are talking about Seoul Stars as it is known in South Korea. You can learn about various methods of earning money on different platforms, on this website:

The game brings K-pop fans and crypto enthusiasts together to form an odd but very interesting and fun community. Let’s cover everything worth knowing about the game so you can see if it sparks your interest or not. We also found the game to be odd until hearing more details and then we fell in love immediately. It really is one of those games that grabs you once you delve deeper and learn some more.

About the game itself

Seoul Stars is a pay-to-earn game that features rhythm game gameplay and has K-pop as the central theme. These may seem like completely random choices of things to combine, but it’s done in such a good way that it feels like K-pop and crypto rhythm games were how it’s been all along. Even if you aren’t a K-pop stan you may be like us and end up liking the music genre because of the game and the soundtrack.

The community formed around the game is very warm, welcoming, and an interesting bunch, but that’s expected when you combine 2 hardcore fanbases like the crypto community and K-pop stans. Passion is a seemingly limitless resource for them and it’s hard not to find fun people who you can connect with. You may come for the pay-to-earn aspect but stay for the friends. Maybe the real crypto was the friends we made along the way?

Yuna – the NFT K-pop superstar

The game features NFTs as is expected but these are pretty unique in their own right. They’re images of a virtual K-pop star called Yuna, where each of them changes her look in some way, leading to cool combos. They are really loveable and cute due to Yuna having so much charm.

Even if you’ve only ever wanted to sell NFTs, we believe you may become attached to these as they’re just so good and unique that it can be hard to get rid of your Yuna.

As with literally every other NFT game out there, you need a Yuna NFT if you want to try the game out, but we believe it’s well worth it if you can make the investment. Those who invested initially during the first drop were also rewarded with a cut of any money made from the first album Yuna released and a couple of the first concerts she did. Wait, did we mention she has music released and concerts? As if the game needed any more cool stuff.


While at first glance the game may seem like a mish-mash of random elements and a lazy design, it’s really not and there are dozens of reasons to play the game. The main gameplay loop is incredibly fun, the rewards for playing are good, the NFTs are unique and it’s easy to fall in love with them. We could go on for hours. Seoul Stars is truly a bright light of uniqueness in the world of blockchain games. If you’ve been looking for a breath of fresh air and something to revitalize your interest in NFT games then we think Seoul Stars should do the trick and make you fall in love with crypto gaming once again.


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