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What is a co-working space?

Co-working spaces are nothing but shared workplaces. Any startup can find affordable office space, while escaping the isolation of cafes and home offices.  It can be the startup’s and freelancer’s darling. With the rise of decentralized organizational structures, co-working spaces are the future.

There are plenty of benefits, the startups and freelancers can enjoy here. You have every office-like amenity available here. From hot-desks to coffee to conference halls, co-working space has got everything. The community quotient helps grow in the company of diverse businesses. You can build hundreds or even thousands of connections here.

Cost is why most startups choose co-working space in the first place. You can rent based on what you need, rather than paying for an entire office. Thanks to various membership models, pricing gets more flexible than ever. In addition, you can rent amenities based on weekly or even daily fees. Above all, the work culture in co-working space is electric. The heterogeneous workforce accounts for all the positives vibes that you can experience throughout the day.

What will you typically see in a coworking space Singapore?

Walking into a co-working space in Singapore will feel different than visiting a conventional office. The smell of coffee hits you in an instant. The atmosphere will be electric, driving people energetic and excited. You will witness a combine of deep focus at desks as well as people engaging in casual conversations. Co-working spaces have their own brand of work culture like no other.

Reception and ambience

Firstly, you don’t have to worry about reception. Co-working spaces have the best reception possible. A coke or coffee vending machine will greet you before you reach the reception. Near the reception, a few sofas can be found. Your clients or interviewees can wait there, till you are reachable.

Well groomed indoor plants set the outlook in the front straightaway. A display screen helps present ads of your product and services. The ads easily reach the niche audience. In addition, you can be reached under the same rooftop, when a lead tries to meet you..

Nearby banking partners

There will be one or more than one banks available in the building. They can easily double up as your official banking partner. Your bankroll, currency exchange and other banking activities won’t take much time. Some of the agents can process Western Union or MoneyGram payments too.

In regards to amenities, there is either a cafeteria or food court or clubhouse.. Needless to say, the co-working space can be a multi-story building too. Besides that, amenities like elevator are present in modern day constructions. The entire space is usually well ventilated and has a good lighting plan too.

Rent on-demand facilities

You can rent on-demand conference halls and media rooms. Team meetings for performance reviews or project discussions will make best use of the space. Training sessions or tests can be conducted here as well. These facilities will be common to all offices that share the building. Ultimately, list of features is only limited to the style of architecture and how modern it’s designed. To learn more about the purpose of a performance review meeting, visit this website:  


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