Thursday, February 22, 2024

As a construction company’s support factor Scoop Hire is not just practical with the equipment and services that we have to offer, but we are also extremely competitive. As a one stop construction industry supplier catering for all classes of contractors and their unique needs, we offer a wide range of equipment and machinery including mini excavators, Cormidi mini dumpers and an assortment of tools and auger attachments that will enable standard or mini excavators to perform a range of tasks. Some of our more popular products that we give out on hire to large and independent contractors are listed below.

The 600Kg Cormidi Mini Dumper: This little mighty monster is suitable for relocating debris given that it comes with a 600kg capacity bucket. This makes this particular Cormidi Mini Dumper the preferred machine for contractors involved with landscaping projects. Other factor about this machine that makes it popular includes the greater stability it provides and lowers ground-bearing pressure. The hire for daily use goes at the rate of $150 Per Day (weekly rate: $140 Per Day including GST). The Cormidi mini dumper has some of the latest technological developments added to it including a sound dampening canopy for its engine and a user-friendly control panel that is completely ergonomic. This specific model has hydro-static controls backed with powerful hydraulics that ensure optimal machine performance.

Other machines that we have on offer at very affordable rates (small construction projects) provide includes the Kubota mini excavators including the Kubota 1.7 T excavator, the Kubota 2.5 T mini excavator and even a U25-3S excavator which are great for working in tight and congested areas starting from $200 per/ day depending on which model is required to an approximate $350 a day. The daily rates and weekly rates or long-term rates vary significantly and we are open for negotiations. Scoop Hire even caters for the big boys managing bigger projects that need heavy duty construction machines and for that we have the Kubota 3.5 T excavator which would make a significant difference to project due to its versatility and practicality.

It is a given that it would be cheaper and more practical from a cost perspective to hire these excavators rather than buying them. We also have an assortment of other items that are critical to projects such as Ground Mats (2.4m x 1.2m x 12mm) which are crucial for landscaping jobs as they protect grass or soft ground when these vehicles move over these surfaces that are usually delicate. Equipment delivery and pick-up services direct to project sites are also available and if you need to know more just visit the Scoop Hire website or call us today @ (03) 9052 4473.

Our customer service representative will be more than happy to provide you with a price list of all that we have to offer in terms of equipment and services. Scoop Hire’s success is tied to the success of our clients and as such we make it our objective to pursue your objectives.


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