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Organizations in different industrial sectors have started realizing the benefits of using military cables. Since extreme and harsh environments are included, it can affect the safe functioning of fiber and electric optic systems. Thanks to military-grade cable protection, industrial organizations can keep their wired and cable systems in optimal conditions for longer while abiding by industry standards. The military cables have gained a reputation for efficiency and longer durability. You can learn about the best practices to carry out for your and your employee’s safety, on this website:

Eliminating wear and tear of cables

Different industrial sector organizations make use of a wide array of equipment, like computers, communication devices, radar systems, and so on. Such equipment depends on the proper operation of cables and wires. The wires and cables are prone to the impact of exterior forces, which eventually decrease the performance and even pose safety risks to employees involved. Custom military cables used in industries that eliminate risk factors curtail expenses and keep employees safe.

Supporting an array of industrial applications

MIL-SPEC or military specification cable assemblies are designed to offer the advantages of longer durability and optimal performance under demanding circumstances. Industries worldwide have realized that the success of multiple industrial tools and equipment relies on the high signal integrity offered by military-grade cable assemblies. The military cables can support multiple equipment and tools in industrial applications.

What are the issues with off-the-shelf cables?

The traditional power cords and wires used in the industries are prone to damage. Cables and wires used in the industrial sectors have to transmit heavy electrical loads. Poorly-designed electrical outlets coupled with rough handling often have to manage uncertain electrical supply. Several issues and even serious accidents can occur, easily avoided if custom military cables are incorporated.

Some of the problems associated with off-the-shelf cables and wires include:

  • The majority of such cables and wires are manufactured outside the USA. Usually, such cables abide by a different set of guidelines and also follow different energy requirements.
  • The off-the-shelf cables don’t have to undergo stringent evaluation by the government before importing. Thus, the international manufacturers are not assuring any top-notch performance promises.
  • The military cables are wired to distinct varieties of hardware, thereby demanding particular voltage and termination specifications. The off-the-shelf cables and wires lack in this respect.

In many industrial setups, employees are required to wear protective clothing and armor. The custom cable assemblies used are designed with elastic raw materials to stretch the cables as much as possible when worn. Different RFI protective options are included to protect industrial tools and equipment while maintaining high signal strength in applications with substances like water, sand, dirt, and so on.


The military cables are featured with high-temperature cables and cables and customized connectors. Instead of heavy metallic elements, lightweight materials like carbon fibre are used. The aviation sector utilizes military cables and custom connectors widely across the globe. Enhanced durability, flexibility in functioning, and weather-resistance features are some of the reasons that make military cables a better option.


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