Thursday, April 18, 2024

When you need to transport your goods, especially if you have a lot of goods, are moving internationally or have certain goods which need to be transported under special conditions like temperature control etc, there are certain factors to consider when choosing the right shipping container. You can find different kinds of pallets in the market which are mostly used as shipping containers. Wooden pallets and the plastic pallets are the most popular ones which are used in the domestic and international cargo industry. But when you choose the shipping containers for your own transportation needs, you need to choose the containers as per the nature of the goods, and you have to consider the size of the container on a priority basis.

Different kinds of shipping containers for your shipments:

  1. Dry Storage Containers: These are containers which can measure between 10 to 40 feet and these are the majority of what containers are used for. These are used to store and ferry dry goods and these are used when the goods do not need temperature control. These are the most common type of containers.
  2. Flat rack containers: These are used to transport cargo and heavy loads which can be loaded either from the top or the sides. These come in two different kinds. There are collapsible ones and there are non collapsible ones.
  3. Open top containers: These are the containers which do not have solid roofs. These have removable bowls and they have tarpaulin roofs which make it weatherproof. These are secured using ropes and they allow easy loading and unloading. These containers may have door headers. These are used to allow cargo to have easy access. Bulk cargos like various kinds of machinery are stored and transported with the help of these containers.
  4. Open side storage containers: These are the containers which have open sides so loading is simplified and a wide variety of merchandise can be stored in them. These are considered the easiest for the loaders and off loaders.
  5. Thermal and insulated containers: These are used when the cargo needs higher temperatures or it could be that they need the temperature not to exceed a certain temperature. These have temperature control options and so the goods can arrive without spoilage and in good condition

When choosing a shipping container to transport goods:

  1. The size should be such that it is the most cost effective for you. It should allow for ample space so all the goods can be stored but not too big a size which results in a loss due to wastage of space.
  2. The construction should be such that it is made of material which is corrosion resistant. It could be made of Corten steel which is meant for outdoor use and is resistant to corrosion as well as is very strong.
  3. The container too should have sufficient locking arrangements and it should have a lockbox which is fitted.
  4. Before selecting the shipping container, select and investigate the reputation of the company which is being considered. You should find out about the history about the company and their experience as well. You should also check their ratings and reviews from past customers as well as ask them to furnish references as well.

The container’s age can be checked by checking the date of construction by looking at the doors which have the CSC plate stamp on them. The condition of the container is one of the most essential things to be checked. This is needed to see flaws, how well this material has held up, or is there any deterioration or rot or even rust.


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