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A failure to pay court costs is not an uncommon crime in Tulsa. In fact, according to the Oklahoma Judicial Council, it is one of the most common crimes reported by judges. If you have been charged with this offense, your lawyer will need to file a motion with the court requesting that you be released on bail pending trial.

If you fail to appear in court on time and fail to pay your fine or restitution, then you could face additional consequences. Your failure could result in additional penalties being added onto your original sentence or even more serious charges being filed against you later down the line if things go poorly for you during your case.

A Tulsa warrant for failure to pay court costs is a civil action filed by the clerk of the court against the defendant. The warrant is issued when you fail to pay your court fees. If you get a warrant for failure to pay court costs, it’s important that you contact an attorney immediately.

The Clerk of Court’s Office will file a lawsuit against you if you’ve failed to pay your court fees within 90 days of being served with notice that you owe these fees. Once served with this notice, you have 30 days from the date of service to pay or else face default judgment and possible jail time and/or fines for failing to appear in court.

If you’re unable to come up with the money right away, it may be necessary for the plaintiff (the clerk of the court) to hire a bailiff or marshal in order to ensure that they can collect their debt from you before they lose any more time on their side.

Your lawyer can help ensure that all parties involved are aware of what is going on with regard to this matter so they can take steps as needed to protect their interests.

If you are facing a warrant for failure to pay court costs, you should contact a Seventh Street Tulsa Law Firm as soon as possible. The court will issue the warrant when you fail to appear in court. The court will also issue a bench warrant if you fail to pay your fine and costs.

If it is impossible for you to appear in person, or if you do not have the money available to pay your fine and costs immediately, then it is likely that the magistrate will issue a bench warrant against you. This means that if someone stops you on the street and arrests you on the spot, then they can take you into custody without having to obtain a warrant from another judge.

If you have a warrant for failure to pay court costs in Tulsa, you will have to appear in court and explain why you failed to pay the fine. If you can’t make your court date, the judge will issue an arrest warrant for your arrest.

In some cases, a clerk will mail you a notice that the warrant has been issued. If this happens, call the number on the back of the notice immediately. This way, you’ll know how to handle the situation because it will give you time to get your affairs in order before appearing in court.

The Seventh Street Tulsa Law Firm may be able to help resolve this problem by arguing for dismissal of the case against his or her client or negotiation of an alternative arrangement with the magistrate’s office.


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