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One of the most important aspects of staffing is recruitment. Recruiting employees is not as easy as simply posting a job description and letting people apply for it. You will need to have a coherent strategy when it comes to recruiting and make sure that you have the ability to deal with all of the issues that may come along with it.

Elite staffing agency firstPRO offers these tips on how to recruit employees, as well as pointing out some of the pitfalls that can happen during the process.

Don’t Stop at Posting Job Descriptions

It is possible that the right candidate for your job is not looking for a new job. You need to find ways to locate this talent and attract it. You will also need to make sure that your offer for their employment is better than what they are currently getting, in terms of salary or responsibilities.

You should be involved with recruiters, university placement offices, and executive headhunter firms to find the best possible staff. Keep a lookout on online job boards for people who have posted their resumes online but may not currently be looking for a new job.

Look at professional organization magazines and websites as a good place to find new employees. You should also make sure that your current employees are able to participate in these professional associations and make the connections they need to attract new employees.

Building your candidate pool before you need it will help you be prepared for any vacancies before they open.

Hire Winners

One philosophy of staffing is that you should only hire people who can hit the ground running as soon as they enter your company. The underlining belief is that training a new person to work in a different line of work to which they had been accustomed takes too long and can be an expensive process. Betting on a “sure thing” may be a good strategy if your company is short on money or time before this new person will be fully effective in their job.

Look In-House First

If you need to hire for a new position, first interview several of your current employees for the job. Promoting candidates from within is a good staffing strategy. This is a morale booster and makes your staff feel like their talents and abilities are being appreciated. Hiring from within also ensures that your employee already knows the basics about the organization, including its aspirations and goals.

Enhance Your Company Culture

When you want to recruit new employees, it is best to make your company a great place to work by enhancing your company culture. Staffing professionals need to be able to take an honest look at their workplaces and assess whether employees are happy or whether they are just going through the motions. If your office seems stagnant or unhappy, it is time to make some changes.

Human resource professionals can provide incentives for good employees to work harder through the introduction of flexible work schedules, office perks, and one-to-one counseling. Handling office challenges with care and compassion means that your position will be well-thought-of.

You should take a close look at your practices regarding employee accountability, rewards, recognition, promotion, flexibility, and motivation. If you notice that any of these areas are lacking, work with upper management to resolve them. It can mean a serious set of changes, but going forward, you will want to make sure that your company functions at its best.

Let Your Employees Help with Recruitment

Employees often have a better handle on what is needed in their department than their direct supervisors. They can recommend candidates and review resumes with you. They can help to ascertain the qualifications of potential candidates. Finally, they can sit in on interviews and help to screen them.

Pay Competitively

Pay is often the bottom line when highly talented employees are looking for a new job. The economy is uncertain, and employers who can afford to put money into staffing should do so. In the job market, you get what you pay for. Make sure that your potential employees understand that they are valuable to your company by offering them competitive pay.

Offer Great Benefits

Benefits are just as important as a paycheck when it comes to recruiting new employees. Keeping your benefits well above the industry standards will drive employee loyalty. Your existing employees also need to know how much their benefits cost and how much they are valued so that they will appreciate your efforts.

Employees like flexibility and work-life balance. Allowing employees to have the freedom to choose their own hours, and telework if possible, can be a huge benefit in your favor. Sometimes this benefit will help you attract new and talented workers.

Employing the Best

When you follow these tips from firstPRO, you will be able to create the best possible hiring strategy and bring in employees who will become part of your company’s success. Look outside the box in staffing and you will find that you can attract smart, motivated, loyal employees.



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