Friday, May 24, 2024

Generating attention and intrigue is difficult in both public and commercial spaces. It has been proven that humans unconsciously employ tunnel vision in their daily tasks. As such, they become focused in what they are trying to achieve, allowing them to block out distractions along the way. As such, whether you have a setup in a public mall or a commercial expo, you can expect the majority of audiences to offer you mere glances. This is especially so if they are not familiar with your branding. How then can newer businesses compete for attention without bursting their marketing or communications budget? The answer lies in the good old quality wall banners.

Wall banners are certainly a throwback to the era of traditional mass marketing. However, what they lack in terms of targeting, they make up for in terms of cost effectiveness and flexibility. The setup of wall banners is relatively painless due to their lightweight materials. As such, they are a highly robust communication tool that can be placed in a variety of locations. Elevated locations are commonly favoured due to the increased visibility offered. Alternatively, having taken into account the expected traffic flow, banners can be placed at an angle in order to occupy a larger amount of the audience’s field of vision.

Like any other form of advertising, the medium, in this case the wall banner, only makes up for fifty percent of the end result. The other half comes from content, which till today, is still king. The content on your banner should of course be eye-catching and attractive, but it should also make a bold statement of your offerings. It is essential that you do not overload the audience with offerings or products on your banner. Instead, it should serve to merely entice audiences to have a second look at your store. With this in mind, do not be afraid to use large typography and well-spaced kerning together with singular images in order to deliver a clear and concise message to the audience.

Wall banners printing is a hassle free task when you employ the services of a professional printing company. To start, you should confirm the size of banner needed for the venue or the event that you are setting up at. From there, design the banner based on our content tips in the paragraph above. Next, hand it over to the printing company and inform them of the type of materials you wish to have. They should be able to advise you on the best printing options applicable to your business while also making minor adjustments to your design in order to deliver a strong piece of work. Finally, set a date for collection and be sure to check for any mistakes made. After all, the banner will likely become the first impression for many audiences, thus getting off on the right foot is crucial.


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