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Employment litigation is complicated as the matters between employees and the employer can take an ugly turn at any time. Such matters need to be handled by keeping in view the business laws. An employment lawyer is someone who can look after these cases more efficiently because he has enough knowledge and experience in this field. An employment lawyer Ravi Sattiraju should be hired to review the case, attend court hearings and suggest the best ways. Employment litigation undergoes several stages and some of them have been explained below: 

Initial consultation with employment lawyers

After you have chosen a good employment lawyer, it is strongly recommended to visit him to discuss your case. For instance, if you have been terminated unlawfully, you can discuss it with your lawyer, who can assess the case as per the story described by you. He will assess whether the case stands valid or you can resolve it by some other methods.

Filing a lawsuit 

If the case is valid, the lawyer prepares all documents to file the case. From sending notices to submitting the case in court, he will look after all the steps and ensure that all norms and laws are followed religiously. You will be a plaintiff in the case and another party will be the defendant. The complaint will be filed as per your side of the story to which the defendant will respond.


At this stage, all the facts are revealed and the lawyer ensures that relevant evidence and documents are submitted as and when required in court. This will strengthen the case if the plaintiff is innocent. All the questions will also be written by the lawyers, which he will ask the defendant. Apart from this, the statements of the defendant will be recorded, which can be used during trials.

Settlement or negotiations

Many cases are settled outside the court. A lawyer plays a significant role in settling the case. After discussing it with you, he can give different options to the defendant to compensate for the losses. If they agree, the lawyer will draft the agreement and make the parties sign this document.


In case, the settlement does not happen, the lawyer will proceed with the lawsuit. During trials, every party will present the case in front of the jury and both attorneys may argue to find out the truth.

A lawyer is the best person to handle such complex cases. 


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