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Marketing is everywhere and you need to come out with the goods if you need to become a top ranked website on not just the Google rankings but also in the minds of what your potential customers are looking. This is where you need to grasp what big companies, both in terms of market share and recognition, do as they have such a huge market share. Experts in the marketing domain can offer you the best assistance in this concern.

I am sure after looking at financial results of some of the top companies you are left wondering how they do that, year after year. While hard work and a solid determination to excel in their field is one thing, no one can deny the fact that apt marketing is also a reason too. In a tough scenario where companies need to be on their toes, a huge company need to constantly remind their customers that they are the only company that has all the solution for their problems.

Let’s take the example of FedEx and why it has succeeded as the biggest and most trusted courier company in the world.

Solid Reasons behind the Success of Brand FedEx

FedEx is known worldwide for its dominance over its rival firms not just in the US but across many regions of the world. But it was not like that right from the start. In fact, till the late nineties it was known as Federal Express, a longer version of its current name. So what transformed it and made it a household name as it is today. Let me offer the story behind its phenomenal success and rebranding in this blog now.

FedEx is part of the FedEx Express which is one of the oldest and largest cargo airlines in the world. Till 1993, there was a single Federal Express brand name under which all the companies were working. Landor Associates, the branding agency, created the two distinct brands for the company namely FedEx Express and FedEx. FDX Corp. as it was called in the early days had a field day in the late 90’s by buying several shipping and logistics companies to boost FedEx and its worldwide operations and it really worked.

The Transformation of FedEx was Phenomenal to say the least

Landor offered FedEx the exact solution it was looking for. By the year 2000, the transition was completed and each airplane, delivery van and even stationery was completely changed. That’s where it totally changed as a brand and become the FedEx we know today. You can just imagine about the huge transformation for such a company having its operations around the world. The brand FedEx in one way or the other was an established one but they took no chance and go for the split from their parent company and the result is for anyone to see.

The point I want to make here is every company need to make a tactical change in its marketing strategy after every few years or according to the situation of the marketplace. FedEx changed its entire logo and everything from a pin to an airplane. It surely cost them a fortune but you have witnessed that it didn’t affect their market position. FedEx was and still way ahead of their competition like DHL and there is no way that you are going to vacate this place any time soon.

From all the above debate I am sure that you are now well aware about the fact that why revamping the business strategies is necessary for company of any size and repute. And believe me it will help any of the companies in the long term.

Final Word

There are many ways in which any type of business need some sort of assistance/help from digital marketing companies so that they can guide them the best route to success or point out the mistakes they are making in their digital strategies that is hindering them.

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