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Performance should always be a priority while buying a PC for anything, but it becomes the number one priority if we are discussing work. Every little annoying delay adds up, breaks our concentration, and negatively affects productivity. By the time you are done reading through this post, you will know exactly how to buy a high-performance PC that will not let you down for at least the next few years. You can learn about the factors that enhance the performance of your computer, on this website:

Align Your Choice with Your Work

Work is a relative term becauseit simply defines one’s livelihood or means of income. Both a software engineer and a civil engineer will need a PC to work on, but their understanding of performance will be very different because they have different requirements from their respective computers.Therefore, the laptop or desktop you choose should align with your job’s specific requirements. Click here to see the leading high-performance PCs available right now, ranked and categorized in accordance with their suitability.

CPU (Intel)

Intel’s 10th, 11th, and 12th Gen Core i7 and Core i9 CPUs are among the most powerful options for performance-oriented work PCs. There isn’t much to choose between the 10th Gen and the 11th Gen Intel processors, so choose whichever costs less. 12th Gen Intel processors are on a much higher level than both the previous generations in terms of performance, but Alder Lake processors are significantly costlier as well.After going through the cost-to-performance ratio, the following three Intel processors come with the highest recommendations for now.

  • Intel Core i9-12900 series
  • Intel Core i7-12700 series
  • Intel Core i9-11900 series

The choice with AMD is simpler because only the 5th Generation matters right now for desktops. AMD did not release any 6th Gen desktop CPUs, but they did release the entire 6th Gen of Ryzen processors exclusively for laptops. Therefore, the Ryzen 7 5800X3D and the Ryzen 9 5950X are quite simply, the best AMD CPUs to look for in a performance-oriented Desktop.

Look for the Ryzen 9 6900Hx or the AMD Ryzen 9 6980Hs in laptops because the Ryzen 9 Pro 6950HS and 6980HX do not offer any significant boost in performance to warrant themuch higher price tags.To find the best value for money performance in laptop processors, go with the 5800H range for now.


How much RAM the PC has will have a huge impact on performance. At least 16GBDDR4/DDR5 RAM will be necessary to ensure your PC does not run out of memory in the middle of work. Add another 16GB stick later, if needed.

Internal Storage

An internal hard disc drive (HDD) will slow down your PC significantly, irrespective of how fast the CPU may be. Get at least a 512GB internal solid state drive (SSD) instead. SATA SSDs are far too slow, but just about anything else(NAND, M2, NVMe, etc.) will do fine.


Even work PCs may benefit from a separate graphics card, but that’s optional. By optional, we mean that whether your PC really needs a graphics card depends on the scale of work that you do. Most (not all) modern Intel and AMD CPUs come with a powerful iGPU built into them and they are generally sufficient for individual workers.

If you work in a profession where extra graphics processing power is essential, there are workstation graphics cards to consider. The NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti, NVIDIA Quadro RTX A6000, and the AMD Radeon Pro W6800are some of the leading options available for enterprise-grade PCs in 2022.


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