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Finding a job in the US is a challenge that is still possible. You have to balance the availability of jobs, housing, weather, community, and more! Here’s a general guide to help you determine where you want to live, how to get a job with temp agencies, and how to get a visa and move to the US. You can learn about the common jobs in the USA that requires relatively low educational qualification, on this website:

1. Apply for a Job in the US

  1. Apply to jobs in the cities you have chosen (see below for a guide on how to choose a city). Many jobs are available online on company websites as well as job search websites.
  • Write cover letters and curriculum vitae, with custom templates that you can personalize to meet specific position needs.
  • If you want to write directly by hand, fill in all sections of the application in neat block letters. Do not use scripts, as Americans may find it difficult to read scripts from other countries.
  • Include references from the US if possible.
  • Offer interview sessions via Skype or other web conferencing programs. Many companies will ask for interviews with different people.
  • Send a thank you letter 3-4 days after the interview session. For traditional companies, send the letter in the original form. For high-tech jobs, you can send an email.
  1. Be aware that a work visa in the US can take a minimum of several months to administer.
  • You can offer consulting services (you will be paid by the hour) from your country, for companies you wish to apply to in the US. Do this for a few months so they can get to know you better.
  • You can also offer to visit these companies in the US so that you get to know them better before you get the job they offer.
  1. Try moving to the US as a student first. Many people who successfully move to the US as students on student visas, then look for work after graduating from school.
  • This method can only be done if you are accepted into a school in the US, and of course, you have to pay tuition fees.
  • Choose a school and/or degree that will help you find a job. US companies tend to have an easier time sponsoring visas for engineering graduates.

2. Get a Work Visa (or Green Card)

  1. Submit the proper work visa application. This work visa is temporary, while the green card is permanent. However, most people usually get a work visa first, move to the US, and then apply for a green card after a while.
  2. Beware of immigration scams.
  3. Be aware that there are many types of visas for people who migrate for work reasons. You may be able to hire the services of a lawyer to help you study these different types of visas, or simply entrust them to your company’s labor department.
  • Specialty Workers, or H1B visas, are designed for immigrants who want to work in a specific area. Ask the employer you are applying to if they can sponsor an “H1B visa”. Many companies usually want to do this. They will have to pay about $ 25,000 (approx. Rp. 30,000,000.00) in attorney fees, but if you do, they will probably do it. If you are unsure, ask the employer the question, “Will you sponsor me after 6 months if my work is good?”
  • Temporary Skilled or Unskilled Workers, or H2B visas, are visas that are granted to immigrants who want a non-agricultural position but are temporary.
  • Intracompany Transferees, or L1 visas, are visas that are granted to immigrants who wish to work for companies operating in the US. This visa holder must also be part of the management of the company, or provide special expertise. If you work for a large company with multiple offices in the US, ask them if they can sponsor you for this visa.
  • Employment-based Preference Visa is a visa intended for immigrants who are already employed because this visa application must be submitted by the employer.


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