Friday, May 24, 2024

If you want to do a project you keep on doing these things:

So you can do the same thing at my facility.  But, did you realize that not many things are set up to let you do the same thing with success?  (Thanks to Ed Berrett for pointing me at this out).  As one of my C-Level security colleagues said to me,

“You better remind your security people to set hard caps andCell, storage room in the rooms you aren’t using.”

Another way you could avoid running into problems is by having good pre-established rules and procedures in place.  These are steps that should be consistent, repeatable and easy to implement.  Avoid setting up processes where it is easy for a new person to step into the shoes and take over.  Also, don’t spend a lot of time thinking about processes.  Get the systems in place and let the people do their jobs. As on a prince 2 training course providers.

As opposed to, “Hey, I need this done.  THIS TIME!” Manuals become so busy that if you spend time on them, it wastes time and energy that could have been completed more easily.  Even if you are a manager who feels the need to know everything, be forthcoming and publish for others to read some of your more mundane absences on the job.

Do an analysis of your job description to compare it to the other processes in the organization.  Make a list of the tasks that you are responsible for in this process.  Make a list of other possible sources of your job duties that you could delegate.  Then, call me in the conference room to tell me what your job description is.

As I look at this, I wonder if the people who are most successful are those that were able to dissect the job and adjust it to suit their style.  It seems to me that not many managers have the attribute of “relief in their job” when they are handed an assignment over to someone else.

There is a way, a really simple way, to get your job done in the way that you want it to be done.  If you are not using it, more than likely your boss isn’t.  How you do your job is by far the most successful action you can take.






use of technology

Avoid or minimize deviations from manual and standard procedures

Do repetitive tasks in a way that makes them easy to do for the next person

Provide step-by-step instructions as to how to complete the task

Break down and/or publish information for others to read

Don’t delegate or pass on.


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