Thursday, February 22, 2024

Have you been given the great (and intimidating) chance to host a corporate event for your company? Or have you been tasked with pulling certain parts of the event together?

Either way, it’s big stuff, and you will have a lot to think about!


Corporate events are an excellent way for businesses to showcase their brand and impress clients and stakeholders. As you are no doubt aware, one of the critical components of a successful corporate event is catering. 


Of course, you won’t need to cook it all yourself, but ensuring that the food is planned and pulled off without a hitch will make a great impression on those who attend the event. So, in this article, some tips and strategies for catering a corporate event in 2023 will be outlined, helping you get a footing on where to begin.


Plan Ahead

The first step to successfully catering a corporate event is to plan ahead. Start by determining the number of attendees, the type of event, and the dietary requirements of your guests. Once you have a clear idea of the dietary restrictions that need to be considered, you can begin to research and book your catering vendors. There are many business catering groups that you can reach out to for ideas on spreads and food options, which will make the correct impressions.


Create a Menu

The menu is, undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects of catering a corporate event. When creating your menu, consider the preferences and dietary requirements of your guests. Choose a variety of options that will appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Don’t forget to include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.


Presentation Matters

In addition to the taste of the food, presentation is also essential. Make sure that the food is displayed attractively and in a way that is easy for guests to serve themselves. Use high-quality serving dishes and utensils, and make sure that the presentation matches the theme and style of the event. Alternatively, many catering companies will be more than happy to lay the food out for you, so don’t worry if this is not your strong suit!


Consider Sustainability

In 2023, sustainability will continue to be a growing concern for many businesses. When catering your corporate event, consider using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This can include using locally sourced ingredients, using biodegradable or reusable plates and utensils, and reducing food waste.


Offer Professional Service

The service that you provide during the event is equally as important as the food itself. Make sure that your staff is well-trained and professional and that they are able to handle any issues that may arise. Provide clear instructions and expectations for the catering staff, and make sure that they are dressed appropriately for the event.


Communicate Clearly!

Communication is critical when catering a corporate event. Make sure to communicate your needs clearly with your catering vendors, as well as with the event organizers and attendees. Provide clear instructions and timelines and be sure to confirm all details in writing.


Have a Contingency Plan

No matter how well you plan the catering, things can always go wrong. So, aim to make sure that you have a contingency plan in case of any unexpected issues. This can include having extra food and supplies on hand, as well as having backup vendors in case of an emergency.


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