Friday, May 24, 2024

The responsibility of keeping your employees and customers safe on your business premises can often be a greater weight on your shoulder than one would have anticipated going into business. Safety and security are two things that require proper detailed and continuous attention. Having a good security and safety system in place gives you the peace of mind you need to know that you have done everything in your power to reduce incidents. Insurance also looks for these plans and you are likely able to get a reduction in your insurance premium by having it. Labour unions and safety regulators will demand that you have the right systems in place. But, don’t do it just to meet the standard requirements, have a system you believe in because it is important to you as a business owner.

Get an understanding of your current risks

A commercial access control company that specialises in control systems can assess and analyse your premises and the nature of your business to get a full grasp of your security requirements. They will also identify where you are currently lacking and where there is greater exposure to risk. There are three types of access controls, discretionary, mandatory and role-based. Each will require their own unique variation of the set up that you put in place.

Conduct an audit to see who is accessing your premises

You need to literally do a footfall audit to understand how many people are coming onto your property, who they are, why they are coming, and how long they stay for on average. It is important to profile these access groups so that you can place them in one of the three designated types of access control groups. An ongoing log of entries also needs to be captured and stored with several back-ups so that should there be a breach, the security team can go back on the records to determine who was where on which day.

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Know what technology exists and determine which suits you

There is a monumental increase in security technology that you can tap into now from automated and digitally controlled access cards to biometrics that can scan individual entries. Know what technology exists and know what your needs are. Map out where there is an overlap between the needs and the technology and then invest in adding this into your currently existing security plan. There are times though that you may need to do a complete overhaul of your access-control systems if you’ve fallen completely out of the times or if your new system is incompatible with your old.

Do random testing to check the systems work and related people know what to do

This needs to be organised outside of the knowledge of the security team so that they too will fall subject to the random-access control test – a situation that requires that as many people as possible be oblivious to this system check so that it can be tested as accurately as possible and any issues that are noted can be corrected.


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