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Accidents at work come in all shapes and sizes, but injuries caused by faulty machinery can be particularly gruesome and damaging. In the aftermath, you can be left out of work and may need to change your lifestyle completely because of your injuries. Luckily, you are 100% entitled to claim for compensation – find out what steps to take below.

Medical Attention

When the accident first happens, the chances are that your brain will be a little scrambled and the panic will be settling in. Before you do anything else, it is important to receive immediate medical attention, regardless of how serious you deem your injuries to be. Whenever you receive care for post-accident injuries, make sure you receive a hard copy of any medical records – you may need this when making your claim.

Accident Reporting

After taking care of your well-being, make sure you report the accident to your employer. Again, make sure you get a copy of any documentation – you don’t want tofind your report has been lost by somebody else.

Retrieving Evidence

When you file your compensation claim, you’ll need to provide evidence to support your version of the story. To do this, we recommend taking photos of faulty machinery, retrieving copies of maintenance records, and asking around for witness statements. If you’re incapacitated, you can ask a trusted coworker to gather evidence on your behalf.

Record All Symptoms

There will likely be months between your accident and your compensation trial, which leaves plenty of time for forgetful minds. To avoid hazy memories, we recommend documenting your entire recovery journey, which will include photos of injuries, details of medical appointments, and how you felt.

Detail Financial Losses

From medical bills to loss of earnings, a workplace injury will leave a dent in your bank balance. As with everything else, you need to record all expenses directly caused by the injury. Having accurate records will prevent your employer from attempting to take pay less than you’re owed.

Find a Lawyer

The claims system is lengthy and complex, which is why you will need to hire a reputable lawyer. Having a lawyer on your side will help you retain the most reasonable level of compensation possible. Before committing to a law firm, you can have a free consultation to discuss your case. You can get more information by following the link.

Determining Liability

Before filing your claim, your lawyer will examine the evidence and work out where the liability lies – with your employer or the machinery manufacturer. If your employer has appropriate documentation to prove ongoing maintenance, liability will likely lie with the manufacturer. In some cases, both parties may be to blame.

Your thoughts will be in overdrive after a workplace accident, but it’s important to collect yourself and be proactive. The longer you take to act, the less likely you are to receive full compensation. However, you need to put your own well-being before anything else, which means receiving medical attention regardless of the cost.


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