Friday, May 24, 2024

In the wake of technological development of the 21st century, online shopping has gained a reputation for convenience and efficiency amongst consumers around the globe. According to “The Centre for Retail Research”, E-Commerce sales in North America alone are estimated to grow threefold in the year 2020 from $350 Billion in 2015. Businesses are in constant race with one another while trying to stand out to their potential consumers and attract them to ensure definite revenues. Truth is, even though diversified marketing strategies and product placements and development have demonstrated their impact on increasing the market size, a deciding factor in the growth and popularity of online shopping is technological advance.

It is a fact that mass production was the major happening of the 20th century and it is expected that mass customization would be the future of business, especially e-commerce because it has a close relationship with the business. E-Commerce has gained so much space in the life of customers and their buying habits have been changed due to various beneficial factors, as e-commerce is very convenient for them.

The other beauty of e-commerce is that it is an easy and fast system for buying products, and it consumes less time as compared to in-store shopping. The benefits of e-commerce will be more dominating in the future and every business company will have to rely on this business process because customers’ interest is increasing with the passage of time. The other great thing about e-commerce is providing mass customization.

There was a time when customization was not considered by businesses, and universal products and services were provided to customers, and everyone was satisfied with this system because there was no other option.

But things have quickly changed with the essence of technology. The business organizations started to realize that mass customization with the help of e-commerce is becoming a new business technique, which is allowing companies to develop a better relationship with customers. Mass customization has allowed customers to get products and services on their choice, and this has increased the level of customer satisfaction. The customers are becoming more interested in the personalized and customized product, and this trend is likely to increase in the future as well. The mass customization can also be helpful in reducing costs both for organizations and customers.

The importance of mass customization has been described above in detail, which shows that various business industries including e-commerce business can take lots of benefits from developing their mass customization system.

We are here to support the company which needs help in developing such a system. We have a configurateur 3D technology to support e-commerce clients, especially those in the luxury industry, to offer customization services to their own clients. Currently, we are working with Baume, Guerlain, Kenzo, Nestlé, Schmidt, Baccarat, etc.

Bio: Yahong Zhang is head of marketing at Hapticmedia and Cwordsworthblog


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