Friday, May 24, 2024

As a non-profit organisation, you might feel as though your marketing options are somewhat limited, despite ultimately trying to achieve similar goals to businesses that have a much wider pool of resources than you do. Fortunately, you might have more flexibility here than you initially thought, and even access to options that other businesses wouldn’t. Becoming aware of all of these different routes can open your mind enormously to the kind of campaigns that you can put together, broadening your content significantly.

The various objectives of different non-profit organisations ultimately mean that you’re going to be trying to deliver a very specific message, but knowing that you can adapt these different tools to your situation can let you get creative with your approach.

Promotional Campaigns

The idea of a promotional campaign is something that businesses and organisations of all types are going to be interested in – a rallying cry to your various audiences that this limited-time offer can provide them with something that they want. For some businesses, this might take the form of something like a free trial, and for some non-profit organisations, it might mean that you host a competition that can get people involved and provide someone with a reward. However, you might be interested in taking this idea further, looking into a managed charity lottery service to help you organise an event that you can market and drum up interest around to support your cause.

Community Events

For some, such as charities, you’ll be looking to get people involved, perhaps through voluntary work. In this case, you might find that your presence at community events could help to introduce your cause and activities to people who might not normally be familiar with you or what you do. Additionally, getting involved with the community could help you to become more ingrained with other local businesses and organisations that you could work with again in the future.

Furthermore, with enough attention drummed up around these events with the right marketing, you might find that they are attended by various people with whom networking could prove fruitful, either for funding or for some sort of collaboration that you could use to propel yourself forward.

Video Marketing

Video marketing might be something that you think of being exclusively valuable to businesses that have the money or the talent to produce high-end content that you might feel unable to match. However, it’s important to consider your audience and attention. You’re not a business, competing with other businesses to prove that you’re the ‘most professional’. The people who might be interested in getting involved with you want to know what you do, how you do it, and if you’re serious about it.

Conveying this sincerity through video marketing content without coming across the wrong way might be a difficult line to walk, but showcasing the kind of work that you do in a clear, concise manner with efficient editing might be enough to convince some of those who were on the fence.


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