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The most important thing to pay attention to when you are writing your CV is your professional qualities. These are the qualities on which an employer will judge whether or not you are a good fit for the company. You should therefore choose and list your qualifications very carefully in order to attract the recruiter who will be talking to you at the interview.

Professional qualities – so you can describe the totality of personal qualities, as well as all the skills a person has acquired throughout his professional life. They may help to improve in the future and bring tangible benefits to their company.

Sometimes there are qualities which can be called professional only conditionally. For example, if they are described as “a developed sense of humor”, the applicant will hardly attract the recruiter’s attention. Unless the person is looking for a job as a party host, in which case a sense of humor can still be called a professional.

Strong professional qualities for a resume

  • desire for professional growth;
  • the ability to persuade;
  • high capacity for work;
  • analytical thinking.

This will allow the recruiter to orient and understand how to communicate with you and what qualities you should try to bring out in the interview.

For example, the same lack of experience can be complemented by qualities such as being result-oriented and quick learner. This way, the employer, realizing that you can’t expect instant results from a new employee, can create the type of professional he or she needs. If your future employer is forward thinking, you have a good chance.

Examples of Qualifications on a CV

Keep in mind that when listing any of your skills, you should align your list of skills with the requirements of the position. Neatness, for instance, is not likely to be one of the key competencies and defining characteristics of a candidate for a top-level managerial position. But it can be a big plus for a secretarial position. So, as you are writing your resume, consider how relevant this or that qualification may be to your future occupation.

Here are some examples of specific occupations for which you might need to have a particular skill.

An example of professional qualities for a resume of a manager:

  • responsibility;
  • efficiency;
  • the ability to negotiate;
  • entrepreneurial spirit;
  • the ability to make quick decisions.

Examples of professional qualities for an accountant’s CV:

  • diligence;
  • punctuality;

Example of professional qualities for a sales manager’s CV:

  • Ability to find common language with people;
  • oratorical skills;
  • the ability to navigate quickly in a situation;

As you can see, there is a clear difference in professional qualities. It all depends on which job you intend to apply for. But do not forget that the list of qualities should not be too long. If it will be about 10 items (and even more), there is a good chance that your resume will be put aside: after all, the recruiter will get the feeling that you’re just praising yourself. Show moderation and the recruiter will appreciate your professional qualities on your CV.

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