Thursday, April 18, 2024

When hiring a limousine for any event whether it is a corporate event, wedding, prom party, graduation, or birthday party, stretch limousines are an excellent choice. They are luxurious, big and stylish. As a client who wants to experience the best service, what are some of the questions that you should ask the limo company?

Can the Limousine be customized?

Probably you are a group of friends holding a hen party, a baby shower or a birthday for one of your friends. You would want it to happen in a themed location decorated to match the event. You should ask the limo company whether the vehicle they are offering has customizable interiors. They have restrictions when it comes to this thus you have to enquire if it’s possible and how much it will cost.

What is the Maximum Carrying Capacity?

Limousines come in different sizes which means the carrying capacity is not the same. You definitely have a number that you are working with. It’s advisable that you hire a limo that can carry the maximum number of passengers according to the guests.

Can you Carry Pets

If you are planning to carry pets or other animals on board, it’s highly recommended that you ask if you can do so in advance. Just like airlines and other public transport means, not every company will allow animals on board. Until the operator says its okay, you should not carry your pets and if they approve, get to know any regulations that come with it.

Can you Drink or Eat in the Limousine

Some limousine hire companies will not allow people to come with their own foods and drinks. For this reason, you have to ask the company if you plan to do so. One reason they refuse this is to maximize on their profits by providing food and drinks, and to protect the interior of the vehicle.

Do They Have a Minimum Hire Period?

This will depend on the rules and regulations of that particular company. Some will give the minimum period to hire as half day while others will give hourly rates. It’s best to know the charges for these options so as to decide what works best for you.

Asking about minimum hire period, whether you can dine and wine in the vehicle, if you can carry animals and whether you can customize the interior of the limo are just some of the important questions you can ask the operator.


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