Friday, May 24, 2024

Product packaging design is essential in marketing products. The packaging is what customers will see first when they go to a store, whether physically or online. A good packaging design can grab their attention and make them easily remember the product and its brand. It can also encourage them to purchase a product.

Companies try to make their packaging design as perfect as can be. And when they find “the one,” they often stick with it for so many years. But there’s always room for improvement. Some changes are needed to make the design more effective and aligned with the company’s image. Also, trends change so fast in the digital age, so companies should do their best to keep up with them.

Here are some reasons to change the design of your product packaging:


Consumers often look at a company’s social responsibility before buying a product. One survey found that consumers are drawn to and more likely to be loyal to a brand that supports social and environmental issues.

If the packaging of your products isn’t sustainable, you may be chasing your customers away. Thus, you may need to update your packaging design and go green. Switching to sustainable packaging will not only help you improve your brand image. It will also save you money in the long run and expand your customer base.

You can use recycled materials to create your packagings, such as cardstock or paper. You can also use corrugated paper and biodegradable packing peanuts instead of bubble wrap. These alternatives will keep your products safe when your logistics provider delivers them to your customers’ homes.

Outdated Design

As mentioned earlier, trends change very quickly. Your company needs to be aware of new trends so that you know which ones to use in the new designs of your products.

For example, in the 2000s, cereal boxes had very colorful packaging and often convoluted designs. Each cereal box had several visual elements, often filled with drawings to attract their target audience: kids. But in recent years, the percentage of households with children is slowly declining. So food companies need to also target other demographics. Now, cereal box designs are minimalistic and have fewer visual elements. There are also more blank spaces than before. This design is attractive to many age groups.

Staying with old packaging may leave you behind your competitors. Thus, you need to stay updated with current trends and apply them to your product packaging.

New Technology

Just like designs, technology also keeps updating every year. If new pieces of technology emerge, take advantage of them. For example, instead of printing on the box of a product packaging, you can have the product’s name embossed or debossed instead. These two methods aren’t exactly less expensive. But they add a modern feel to the design of your product packaging and make them more attractive. You can also use foil stamping to make the packaging look more luxurious.

These new methods demonstrate that your company is open to changes and innovations. And this idea can further improve how consumers perceive your brand and your products.

Product Changes

If there are changes in your products, it’s only right to change their packaging as well. For instance, let’s say that a wellness brand sells vitamin supplements. Any changes in the ingredients of these supplements need to be included in the packaging so that consumers are aware.

Even though these changes aren’t that big, they still need to be reflected in the product packaging for transparency. These changes will also help consumers distinguish the newer products from the older versions.

Financial Purposes

If the way you pack your products is costly, changing the design to save money is always a good idea. This is especially true in the middle of the pandemic when financial management in businesses has become more crucial than ever.

Besides, lower cost doesn’t always mean lower quality. You can still get high-quality packaging without spending so much. For instance, paperboard boxes, corrugated boxes, and paper bags are affordable.

Next Steps

When you do decide to change the design of your product packaging, there are many steps you need to take. So the process will take a while. For example, you need to determine your budget, especially if you aim to reduce costs. You also need to consider if the new design fits your brand image and if it’s attractive to your customers. Consider conducting market research and test different packaging designs to find the best fit.


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