Thursday, June 20, 2024

You might be aware that a substation operator is a person responsible for running the substations that turns high-voltage power in the usable form for the end users. But, do you exactly know what roles a substation operator need to perform for taking care of his responsibility to run a substation?

Here we intend to give you an insight into the roles and responsibilities of a substation operator.

  • Controlling equipment– Substation operator controls substation equipment that regulates the flow of electricity such as circuit breakers, current converters, and voltage transformers.
  • Compiling Data– The operator is responsible for compiling data regarding units of electric power used for the operation of the substation and also the quantity distributed from substations. For compiling these data he records the switchboard instrument’s reading.
  • Detecting line disturbances – He needs to observe switchboards regularly to detect any line disturbances such as an open circuit, short circuit or grounded circuit.
  • Preparing for repairs– If anything goes wrong with the circuits, the operator needs to pull the circuit breaker or other buttons for interrupting current flow in the disturbing line.
  • Connecting alternate circuits – For the period when the repair work is going on the operator also needs to make sure he connects alternate circuits to carry the loads of the lines that are not working currently.
  • Keeping track of transformer temperature – Rise in temperature is considered a rough indicator of the transformers’ efficiency. Therefore, the substation operator is needs checking and recording temperature of transformers at specified intervals.
  • Checking for a defect– The substation operator needs to inspect equipment such as transformers, fans, batteries etc. to detect a defect that may have crept in.
  • Compile periodic reports– The substation operator needs to compile periodic reports about load variations for the system planning purposes. For compiling these periodic reports for system planning, they need to calculate the average and the peak load conditions with the help of recording instruments.
  • Taking care of switches and fuse– The substation operator is required to take care of all the switches and fuses. He needs to check each of them regularly with test lamp and hand tools. If any of the switch or fuse is found defective he needs to replace them instantly.
  • Communicating with the Load Dispatcher– Person appointed as a substation operator receives the switching instructions from the Load Dispatcher so it is his duty to stay connected to the load dispatcher. He also needs to report the amount of electricity received by the substation to the load dispatcher.

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