Friday, May 24, 2024

Laser marking is a means to create a mark on any surface using laser beams. Laser marking metal is performed with a pulsed, fiber, or a continuous wave laser machine to create a permanent mark on the metallic surface. Using lasers to create permanent marks on metals has several advantages.

It is a no-contact process

As the process of marking on the metal is done with a laser beam, it is only in contact with the area that is heated or marked. There is no physical contact between the machines and the metallic surface, which ensures that there are no damages or abrasions on the metal.

Precise marking

Laser marking on metals is extremely precise. It is accurate and offers high-quality marks. These marks are easy to read by the human eye. The laser technology ensures even the smallest of markings are readable and visible to the naked eye. Laser marking ensures high-quality marking even for extremely small measurements.

Can be used for various industries

Laser marking on metals has a wide range of industrial applications. For example, it can be used to mark on small silicon materials that are used in the electronic industry or semiconductor industry. It can be sued in the automatic industry. Markings on the automobile parts can be precisely made and will last long. It can be used for the aerospace industry for marking thousands of small and large pieces used in an aircraft. It can prove beneficial for the electronics industry.

Environment-friendly process

Laser marking on metals is an environment-friendly process. Using a laser beam does not create any pollution or waste material. There are no chemicals involved for marking therefore no harmful waste materials.

Works with all shapes and sizes

Laser marking is also beneficial as it can be sued to mark on both small and large metals and also mark on any shape of metal. No matter it is a cylindrical metal such as a small iron nail or a large metal such as a container, marking on it with laser is easy and quick. It is also easy to create permanent marks and designs on various kinds of metals using laser marking.







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