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Software development dominates the global economy and is used in almost every industry you can imagine. With mobile apps for everything from dating to video games, navigation to food delivery, and PC software used for everything from music creation to sophisticated coding, it is easy to take software development for granted. You can learn about the technologies being used in the application development, on this website:

However, although software development may feel like it has been around forever, it is a relatively new invention. For those looking to learn more about software development (because you want to create your own software or simply out of curiosity), understanding its varied history is vital.

Like any major segment of society, you can only fully understand how it works and why it has evolved as it has by appreciating where it began.

Of course, if you want to learn the history of software development, then you need to understand what software development is, exactly.

Software development uses certain computer programs to develop a new piece of software. This is then handed over to programmers who can write the code necessary to run the software as intended.

Now you understand the basics of what software development is, it is time to learn more about its history.

The early years of software development

It is thought that software can trace its roots back to 1948 when the Manchester Small Scale Experimental Machine was unveiled in England. This predecessor to modern software was designed to solve complex mathematical sums, with its own code and instructions included. This was the brainchild of Tom Kilburn, who was a computer scientist.

However, software development took a backseat over the next few years, and it was only with the invention of punch card coding that the technology began to evolve.

This was led by the coding language Fortran, which was released almost a decade later, in 1957.

It was still a far cry from modern software development, which can now be performed on your behalf by outsourced developers from

PCs and mobile devices

The next step in software development came with the arrival of personal computers. When Apple released their Apple II with VisiCalc, an innovative piece of spreadsheet software, in 1979, a new era of software was born.

This was quickly followed by competitors like IBM and iconic software like Microsoft Word.

The success story of the PC is well-known, and it was followed in the 1990s by open-source software. This allowed code to be modified by external developers, transforming the potential of software development.

At the same time, mobile phones were coming onto the scene. While early versions of the smartphone were primitive, Apple moved the yardstick substantially with the first iPhone in 2007. Since then, the development of mobile apps has boomed, with development software using languages such as Java and Swift.

Modern software development

Bringing the history of software development up to the modern day, it is now so commonplace that you may rarely consider how many of your daily devices and services use it.

Whether it is the mobile apps we rely upon for movies, music, dating and information, or the websites we view endlessly daily, software development is at the cutting edge of technology.


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