Friday, May 24, 2024

Regardless of how large or small your next project is, proficient management is the key to project success. And the key to proficient project management is a good project manager — one with the training, skills and experience to get things done in a methodical, efficient and cost-effective way.

What characteristics do good project managers possess? A good project manager understands the business, industry and the work required; is a team player who knows each team member and his or her capabilities; can work under the pressure of tight deadlines and is not easily thrown by unexpected issues; can communicate well with people at all levels; is able to make quick decisions and implement changes without second-guessing; and is an effective leader who can inspire the team to the levels of performance needed to get the project completed successfully, on time and within budget.

What steps does a good project manager take to ensure success? Read the accompanying infographic entitled Tips for Successful Project Management to find out. Project management involves organizing the work, delegating work to the appropriate people, handling any changes and issues that arise, making decisions, communicating project status to people at the highest levels of the business, effectively using project management software and tools, and managing schedules, budgets and resources … and much more.

Read on for a brief but thorough description of seven steps to successful project management.


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