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Thermoplastic line markings are becoming increasingly popular because of the numerous benefits offered and the durability potential. Thermoplastics are simply polymers that turn into liquid when heated and solidify after cooling. They are popular as road, pavements or walkway markings.

Thermoplastic road and pavement markings

Thermoplastic marking material is made from synthetic resin and premix glass beads. The material is available in solid form but turns into a liquid when heated. Once melted, the liquid is transferred into a marking machine. This machine is used to apply the painting on the designated spots on the road.

Application process

Thermoplastic markings are applied while hot. This application is made on a pre-marked line which can later be colored depending on specifications. The benefit of thermoplastic marking paints is their ability to set fast and stick to surfaces. This makes this material ideal for minor touchups on already existing road markings.

Benefits of thermoplastic markings


The ability of the thermoplastic material to last is what makes it the most preferred methods of making road and pavement markings. Because of its long lifespan, it is a cost-effective way of enhancing safety on the roads. Thermoplastic markings are also ideal for parking spaces in residential and commercial areas.

They are safe

The glass beads that are added to the material ensures a high level of so-called retroflection which means that the car lights are reflected in the marking. This ensures that motorists can see the road markings even during adverse weather conditions especially if applied as structural markings.


Their ability to be used in different areas to enhance safety and visibility make thermoplastic markings an ideal solution for conveying instructions on the roads, parking spaces, or pedestrian pathways.


Road templates

Word road signs or pavement symbols such as ‘no parking’ or ‘pedestrian crossing’ can be made using thermoplastic marking material. The hot thermoplastic marking liquid is poured into the templates and allowed to dry. This creates a reflective, highly visible signs in parking spaces, crosswalks, or highways. These markings dry in on a few minutes; thus, the signs can be put up in no time.

Pedestrian and road safety

Thermoplastic markings can play a crucial role in promoting the safety of pedestrians and road users. Because of their high level of retroreflection these markings are ideal for making road markings that require to be visible day and night.

Parking lots

It is a requirement to have the relevant traffic signs on a parking lot. If you run a parking lot, it is ideal always to repaint any faded signs as a safety measure. One way to cut the cost of repainting signs every few months is by using thermoplastic marking material for your signs.

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to road construction. Thermoplastic road markings are some of the best ways to enhance safety on the roads.


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