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A trade show exhibition is serious business for both big and small businesses. Exhibition booth displays come in various sizes and shapes. They are all suited for different goals. Choosing the right exhibition booth is an important step towards successful trade show marketing. If you choose the wrong booth display, you may waste your money on unnecessary functions and features. Some of the most common types of booth displays include:

1. Hanging Displays

With hanging displays, you can have your message up where visitors can see it. Hanging displays come in custom shapes. Most of them are lightweight and portable. They can easily fit in small cases

2. Pop Up Displays

These displays are portable and customizable. They are set up as a solid back wall and you can use graphic mural panels to increase the impact of your message. The displays may have options such as shelves, lights, and monitor holders.

3. Custom Stands

Most large corporations use custom stands. They are the perfect way to stand out and maintain brand consistency. They can be designed to suit the brand needs. Even though custom brands are great, they can be expensive.

4. Hybrid Displays

Hybrid displays are fun and modern. They use dye-cut panels, metal extrusions, and more. They are portable and can often be customized. They can be more difficult to set up than pop up displays.

5. Modular Displays

Modular displays allow you to enjoy having a custom stand without spending lots of money. They allow you to save on shipping costs. Modular exhibition stands can be customized to allow multiple stand sizes and layout configurations. They are versatile and affordable.

Choosing the Right Exhibition Booth Display

Different types of exhibition booth displays have different benefits. Some of them include the following;

Easy Setup

Pop-up displays are a great option if you are looking for something easy to set up. You can set them up in about five minutes. Custom stands can be difficult to set up since they involve many large structures. You may need the help of professionals in the installation before the show and dismantling after the show.

Modular stands can also be easy to set up. They are a lot easier to set up than custom stands.


When your goal is to boost your brand image, custom displays are a great option. Pop up displays are some of the most inappropriate options for branding.


Custom stands are some of the most difficult to maintain. Since there will be some wear and tear, regular maintenance is necessary. Pop up displays require little maintenance and modular stands require no maintenance at all. Pop-up displays have some hardware and moving parts that require moderate maintenance. However, you can use modular stands for a long time without maintenance.

Your trade show booth displays are some of the most impactful visual representations of your company. They are all different and they have unique benefits. Understand your needs before making a decision.

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