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A homeowners association (HOA) manager is responsible for the different tasks regarding the maintenance and upkeep of a residential community. An HOA manager can work independently or as a part of the staff of an HOA management company whose primary duty is to expedite the association’s functions, ranging from on-site management tasks to financial tasks. Many HOA management companies in the United States, such as chandler haz HOA management help homeowners associations with their governing duties. Working with HOA management services keeps the association’s tasks running smoothly and encompasses a holistic management approach. Let us look at the functions of an HOA management company.

Maintenance and upkeep

An HOA manager is responsible for the overall maintenance and upkeep of the involved community’s common areas. For instance, a pool, a tennis court, a sports complex, or even a park. The manager oversees such facilities’ maintenance, for example, maintaining a pool cleaning company that facilitates regular chemical checks on the community swimming pool or even a landscaping company that maintains the trees and cuts grass at the community park. An HOA manager’s work ensures that all the community infrastructure, including the lighting, gates, and neighborhood equipment, are in good condition.

The board of directors of the homeowners association determines what maintenance is necessary and then collaborates with the managing company, which facilitates the services. They take the role of working with the vendors, contractors, and homeowners on maintenance matters on behalf of the association.

Financial services

A homeowners association works with an HOA manager to handle the association’s finances. For instance, compiling financial statements and distributing them to the board of directors. Other services that an HOA manager is responsible for in terms of finances include:

  • Mailing financial statements to homeowners.
  • Maintaining the association’s bank accounts.
  • Monitoring expenditures of the association.
  • Preparing the community’s budgets.
  • Maintaining account ledgers for every homeowner, among other functions.

Administrative services

An HOA management company handles the secretarial duties on behalf of the association. For instance, mailing out reminders to homeowners regarding a specific matter or contribution, including legal actions if need be. Other administrative duties include scheduling board meetings, maintaining vendors, homeowners, and tenants’ databases, and providing 24/7 services. In general, the managing company acts as the secretary for the association handling all the clerical work and maintaining its files.

Customer service

Apart from the administrative services, an HOA manager provides customer support to homeowner association members. In most cases, they have experience dealing with homeowners and resolving most of the problems they encounter, so they provide excellent customer support. For instance, answering phone calls, emails, or requests from members. An HOA manager also facilitates other services such as training for board members of the association.

Resolving disputes

An HOA manager acts as a mediator in resolving disputes that arise between the community members. For instance, they may handle complaints about property lines, noise-making, or violation of community rules. They work closely with the board of members to resolve any issues that arise in the community.


Generally, an HOA manager supports the association and helps it deliver quality services to keep homeowners happy. A successful HOA management company understands homeowners’ concerns and provides the right tools to run a successful homeowners association.


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