Friday, May 24, 2024

supply chain is an intricate collection of parts that must work seamlessly as one to accomplish an ultimate goal. Regardless of the type of business and what the supply chain is ultimately delivering, the various parts must work together and when one part fails the entire chain will often fail along with it. If the supply chain is delivering goods to end-users or customers, it is imperative that the items arrive on time and compliant with user specifications. If the ultimate goal is to bring a part from one division of a company to another then the company will want to assure that everyone within the company is aware of where the item is, when it is ready for shipment and what it will ultimately be used for. Unfortunately, understanding all of these factors is often incredibly complicated and would require constant communication and a deep level of understanding from all involved in the process. 

How to Understand The Supply Chain

Without a large staff and nearly constant communication, fully understanding a supply chain is often impossible. Fortunately, there are platforms that offer supply chain analytics that provide integration between all divisions of a business, from finance to operations, these platforms register when one user does something and can alert another user to begin to start their task. In addition to communication across an organization, analytical platforms allow in-depth analysis of various aspects of a supply chain. For example, a company may wonder when their busiest time of the year is for shipping so that they can stock up on packaging and inventory to decrease the chance of stock-outs. Utilizing supply chain analytics, businesses will be able to show the decision-makers not only the busiest times of the year but also what areas of the supply chain cause a bottleneck at that time. 

The Supply Chain Platform

Supply chain analytical platforms will vary in usefulness, functionality and cost depending on the company that produces it. The reality is that the best course of action in obtaining a supply chain platform that performs the analytical and communication functions that the user wants is to do extensive research before purchasing the program. This can be easily done by reading about the platform details as well as third-party reviews of the program and company online. 

While comprehending each part of a supply chain is often difficult, a good analytical program can help company decision-makers understand and utilize their supply chain to full capacity.


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