Thursday, June 20, 2024

How many times we think of using forms on our website for a particular purpose? Well, there are a number of reasons and instances when people think about using an online form. Whether it be for a survey, evaluating how good are you performing, or gathering the information of your potential clients, a good form can come in handy in a number of different ways. Nowadays, you have a ton of effective tools like MightyForms Online Form Creator to help you out.

However, putting together a good form can be a troublesome task. From its aesthetics to the design and questions, you need to pay attention to each and every aspect. Here, we will discuss some of the basic problems many people encounter with using a form.


Most of the time people complain that the labels around the form are not very clear. Usually, they serve as an indicator of something and when you are dealing with a form you answer accordingly. However, if they are not clearly visible, people will have a tough time dealing with the questions.

Generally, the web designers keep labels small and precise. While you can make it short and simple, they must be visible for a person to clearly read and understand. Individuals complain that they are unable to comprehend the form until they focus on it.

You need to minimalize the strain people put in order to catch the details and instructions in your forms. Therefore, the labels come in very handy. Keep them visible and clear to that everyone gets to catch up with it at first sight.


Keeping the font smaller to make form or questions appear shorter is a bad trick. Some individuals do use it to create an illusion of the fact that the text or form is not too lengthy. However, it can fire back because of the fact that people have hard time reading the form instructions and questions. So, the size should be big enough so that the readers don’t have to put strain on their eyes.

Keep in mind that the people who are going to read your form might not have the perfect eyesight. So, you should focus on crafting a form that is easy to read on average for all people.

Moreover, the problem also occurs with the design of the font. You may like to use a unique and stylish font. However, does that font serve any purpose? Will it be easy for people to catch all the letters from that font?

Try to use a simple font and assure that the size is big enough for the form filler to complete it without any trouble.

Optional fields

There are instances when people stop a form and quit just because they are not comfortable answering a specific question. While you need to be very careful with the queries, there should be a choice for users to skip a particular question. There is some information that is necessary for you to attain. However, individuals do create fields with magento online form creator that are unnecessary or can provide some additional information. So, give people a choice to skip the questions that are not absolutely necessary.

So, keep these three simple things in mind when creating a form. Craft an easy to fill form to get maximum response from your audience.


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