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With the home loan facility, you no more need to wait for the entire lifetime to own your dream house. You can simply pick PNB Housing home loan, pay for the property, and repay the lender in easy instalments. However, these “easy EMIs” may not be as simple as they sound. If you don’t pay proper attention to them, they can become a burden on you. You can learn about the best way to save money to get rid of your debt, on this website:

Not to worry because we have brought here a few tips that will help you in avoiding this stress and live your life hassle-free.

Tip 1: Consider Prepayments

You don’t need to drag the loan till the decided tenure. In case you receive some additional funds in between the EMI period, you can easily prepay that amount. You will get two options in this scenario:

  • The first alternative is that you can reduce the overall tenure of the loan according to the amount that you are prepaying. This will help you get rid of the loan in a shorter time.
  • The second alternative is that you can reduce the EMI amount while keeping the tenure same. This will help you in managing funds and getting more in hand.

Tip 2: Increase EMI Amounts

Even without prepaying the funds, you can increase the EMI payments. You can do this when your income has raised, and you can afford the increased EMIs. As stated before, you will be able to get rid of the loan in a shorter duration. So you can continue with other financial plans after that. It will also help you in saving on interest rates that you may have paid in the original tenure. You can check PNB Housing Finance EMI Calculator to see how much amount you will be able to increase according to your financial situation and loan amount.

Tip 3: Repay The Entire Loan

In case you receive the entire amount of the loan during its tenure, you can repay it. You can instantly get off the hassle of EMIs or loans in this way. Plus, you can save on the interest rates that you had to pay during the tenure of your loan. But you may need to pay some repayment charges for the same. If you don’t want to spend this extra amount, you can opt for PNB Housing home loan. They don’t charge you extra for paying the loan amount in advance.

Tip 4: Refinancing Loans

Another way of reducing the stress of high EMIs is through refinancing. You can opt for loans that have a lower interest rate and use them to prepay the existing loan. This will reduce the overall EMI amount you are currently paying. Refinancing may also reduce the overall tenure of your loan. So you can enjoy the benefits conveniently.


These were a few tips to deal with the hefty EMIs of your home loan. If you are looking for a new home loan, you can check out You can check PNB Housing Finance EMI Calculator. It will help you find the EMIs that will be most suitable for you.


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