Thursday, June 20, 2024

Pests always come with their cost as they affect your health and also the physical structure of the house. Therefore, it is never desirable to anyone in the house. However, if there is a pest infestation in the house, it becomes necessary to remove them and keep your home safe. For this purpose, you have to consult a professional pest control who can provide you with a long-term solution.

It is seen very often that pest control is associated with various myths and misconceptions that restrict people from calling the pest. So, in this article we will try to find the facts behind the myths and debunk the myths in Irvine. There are various pest control such as pest control Irvine, that can provide long-term solutions. 

Myth 1: Cleanliness will Cast Out Pests

It is often considered that cleanliness will keep your house completely safe from pests. However, this is not a complete fact; it is partially true but not completely. A dirty and cluttered environment will attract pests but a clean house is not an exemption for pests. We can also find these pests in clean homes; there is no foolproof house where there are no pests. You cannot clean every nook and corner where the pests can hide. 

Myth 2: Mosquitoes only come out at night

It is also one of the common myths that mosquitoes are only present at night, and we cannot see them during day time. But the truth is mosquitoes are not nocturnal, and we can also find them during day time. Additionally, the mosquitoes that we can see during the daytime are very dangerous, and they carry viruses such as dengue. Thus, it becomes essential to avoid such mosquitoes that roam during the morning. 

Myth 3: Conkers (A child game) can Repel Spiders

This is one of the commonly used myths among people that conkers can help us keep spiders at bay. However, the truth is different from this because there is no such reality of cokers keeping the spiders away from us. It is said that the spritz of white vinegar can repel spiders if they are sprayed at the windows. 

Myth 4: Cats act as a saviour to keep the house pest-free

It is also commonly misunderstood that cats can keep pests away from our house. Yes, they can help us in catching them, but it is not the ultimate solution and we cannot keep cats just to repel the pests. It can deter rodents, but there is no superpower that cats have to repel the pests. We have to use pest repellant and also go for pest control to keep our house pest-free.  


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