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Hey Folks! If you have come to our website then I can surely tell you why you are here Hamm… You are looking for some information about Dedicated Hosting or Can Say Dedicated Server. So, let’s get into it. I will tell you about the dedicated hosting and why you need it? Sounds Interesting Let’s get into it.

What is Dedicated Hosting and The Advantages?

Firstly let me clear you about dedicated hosting “A Dedicated hosting is a type of a web hosting plan where you are the admin of the entire server and not shared with anyone else. Only your site is hosted on that Hosting”.

So now you have known about the dedicated hosting but you don’t know much about it let me tell you an example given below.

Dedicated Hosting With an Example

The word Dedicated Hosting means your single computer within a private network and only specifically reserved only for your Pc.

An Example- Let’s take an example of the world’s biggest website or search engine “Google” As we all know Google is a very big company and tons of Data transfer every day So they can handle it on Shared hosting that also someone using?? So for that reason, they need dedicated hosting for their server where the Google Website is an only website hosted.

Why you need it?

So now you know about what is dedicated hosting? with an example. Now, why you need a dedicated hosting? If you have a website that has a large number of traffic in it then you must buy a dedicated hosting for it. with the help of dedicated hosting your site speed, user experience, website control and other all will be increased. But if you are a beginner then I will suggest you go with Shared hosting its cheap and best for beginners.

The Advantages Of Dedicated Hosting

With your Dedicated hosting, you can do these following things. There is up to 10+ profit of dedicated hosting for you.

  1. Speed Up
  2. Backup
  3. Company Analysis
  4. Set up a Dedicated Firewall
  5. A test Server
  6. Manage Smart Devices
  7. Video and Photo Storage
  8. Personal Cloud Space
  9. Set Up Data Sync
  10. Set Up Voice Over Internet protocol

Speed Up: By shared hosting your website speed is not in your control because it will always fluctuate up and down. But in Dedicated hosting, your website is in your hands and your site speed will boost 100%.

Backup: Backup is the main part of the website as we are speaking about large no. of traffic websites their backup should be saved every minute in case the website got hacked by the hacker then your website has a backup of it which really helps you.

So, in a dedicated server, you can backup your website in large no. of storage.

Company Analysis: Another very useful feature in dedicated hosting is company analysis for big business companies there is a need for user analysis that what is the behavior of the user on the website and what needs to improve.

Google has its Google analysis for Analysis of the user experience. The Improvement in user experience is the key to success.

Set Up Dedicated Firewall: The firewalls pretend your websites from spam or hackers. As we know firewall protection needs very expensive hardware but if you have dedicated hosting you can use it for free for your website to stop Spam.

A test server: Rather than putting the website, you can test it on a test server which is also the advantage of dedicated hosting. As we all know if you have a website then you have to keep adding new features or applications and for that, you need to test them For this you can use the test server provided by dedicated hosting.

Manage Smart Devices: of the countless things to do on dedicated hosting, manage smart devices is one of them. Nowadays there are varieties of smartphones with the help of dedicated hosting you can collect all devices data in it.

Video and photo Storage: Because its a dedicated hosting only for you and you will get unlimited storage in it and it helps you to storage as many as you want videos and photos. You can also set a live stream camera in it.

Personal Cloud Space: With dedicate Hosting, you are getting free and personal cloud space which is only reserved for you and you can only access it. Personal cloud space means fast and unlimited Storage and you can store –

  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Spreadsheets
  • Personal data
  • Reminders

As you can also give some space to your employees for the data they want to store and its easy, fast and safe.

Set up Data sync: You can set data syce for your website which means your files and folders are safe and secure. That means your all files are coordinated across the website.

As Google also use Data syncing because it’s safe and secure, Protected from hackers.

Set up voice over Internet protocol: As the name describing all voice over internet protocol allows sending voice over the internet. This is the most famous and widely used service. Voice over internet protocol gives the user more control and quality.

Conclusion: As I tell you everything about dedicated hosting and numerous things to do with dedicated hosting. There are many more uses of dedicated hosting. the uses of dedicated hosting depend upon you that for which reason you want to buy it.

Dedicated hosting is much more expensive than the shared hosting but it has numerous things to do in it which is not available on Shared hosting.

My Opinion

If you guys want my opinion for dedicated hosting that you have to buy it or not? if your site is at the initial state you can go for shared hosting which is cheap compared to Dedicated hosting but if your website is very big then you can surely go for Dedicated hosting its a better for you.


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