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Maternity leave is also known as ‘parental leave’ or ‘family leave’ and happens to be a standard employee benefit that is available in almost all countries across the world. This leave basically refers to a paid leave that is given to the employee when she conceives or gives birth to a child. This leave is specifically assigned to the employee so that she can take care of the newborn baby and make proper arrangements for the welfare of the child when the child is just born and too small to do anything and is entirely dependent on the mother. Every company comes up with different protocols regarding this leave and provides different kinds of benefits for the mother.

What is Maternity Leave important?

The time of childbirth is the most exhausting time and the most precious experience for a mother. Experts believe that it is extremely beneficial and important for both the mother and the child to spend time with each other just after the birth. The initial days might be crucial, and it is the mother’s responsibility to take care of all the necessities and requirements of the newborn child. Many studies show that when the mothers spend a good amount of time with the newborn just after the baby’s birth, it definitely improves the emotional, physical, and mental health of the mother as well as the child.

What happens if maternity leave is not provided?

The days of pregnancy and childbirth can be the most tiresome days for the mother, both physically and mentally. A mother is almost sleep deprived during the days of her childbirth, and if she is not given a proper maternity leave, she has to balance both work and the welfare of a child altogether, which might result in extreme stress and misery for the mother. This might often have side effects on the Mother’s health, and the mother might start suffering from depression, stress, and severe anxiety. Proper rest is very important for a mother, for which an appropriate leave of maternity is very important. The mother might also end up having chest pain, headache, and fatigue if she has to work during these days.

What is the Family Medical Leave Act?

The family medical leave act was passed in the year 1993 by the Federal government. This act talks about the eligibility of every employee who is becoming a mother to apply for a leave of 12 weeks during the first 12 months after the birth of her child so that she can take care of the newborn and she can revive her own self and her own body during this time period. This leave can be unpaid, but the mother will still be entitled to the job.


It is essential for every mother to demand her maternity leave, and it is equally important for every company or association to understand the need and importance of this maternity leave and provide it to their employees without any hesitation.


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