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More and more students from across the globe decide to pursue careers in mining. What makes this field so special and why is it worth choosing it? Keep reading to discover advantages of mining, possible career prospects, and the best universities you can apply to!

Careers in mining – what do they actually mean?

Mining is a broad term that can refer to a variety of activities, such as extracting metals and minerals, coal, and oil. There are many different types of careers in mining, from working in the field to office jobs.

Here is a brief overview of some of the most common careers in mining:

  • Mining engineer – an engineer responsible for planning and overseeing the construction of mines. They also develop plans to extract minerals and metals from the earth, and manage the operations of mines.
  • Geologist – a scientist who studies the Earth’s crust, looking for minerals, metals, and other natural resources. They also help to assess the environmental impact of mining activities.
  • Surveyor – helps to map out the land where mining activities will take place. They also help to determine the best locations for mines, and to assess the environmental impact of mining activities.
  • Environmental scientist – studies the impact of mining on the environment. They work to develop ways to reduce the environmental impact of mining, and to rehabilitate land that has been affected by mining activities.
  • Health and safety officer – works to ensure that miners are following safety regulations. They also investigate accidents and injuries that occur in mines.

Why is it worth choosing this direction?

There are many reasons why it’s worth pursuing careers in mining. The industry offers good pay and benefits, and there is a strong demand for workers. Although the work can be challenging, it’s rewarding and there is a great deal of variety in the industry, as well as opportunities for advancement.

The best universities

The best universities that will help you expand the prospects of your careers in mining are:

  1. Colorado School of Mines in the United States
  2. Curtin University in Australia
  3. The University of New South Wales in Australia
  4. McGill University in Canada
  5. Monash University in Australia
  6. Queen’s University at Kingston in Canada
  7. Universidad de Chile in Chile
  8. University of British Columbia in Canada

The takeaway

If you’re interested in geology, pursuing careers in mining may be a great fit for you. Choose one of the best world’s universities and expand your prospects to gain a competitive edge over other potential job candidates.


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