Who Should You Send Thank You Notes For Christmas?


It is common for most people to write thank you notes after Christmas and birthdays. However, after these busy occasions, especially after Christmas, writing a thank you note seems like an uphill task. Not to worry as these notes are not so hard to write, and thanks to various online platforms these days, one can now order customized seasons greetings cards and save themselves the hassle. Most importantly, there are three people whom you should never forget to write a Christmas thank you note. Here they are.

Someone who impacted your life

It is crucial to thank these people for being part of your life and who have made a significant impact on your life. It is not always for the gift they sent you or the Christmas party they threw, but it is vital to mention any of this that you might have shared over Christmas. It is an excellent way to end the year or start a new year by letting those people understand the positive impact they made to your life. These people can be close to you including friends or family members. Sometimes they can be even people you have never met; however, they made a difference in your life.

The people you work with, personally or professionally

These can be your colleagues whom you work with, in the same office or department from Monday through Friday. They may also be volunteers in a church committee or a neighborhood group. If you like what you do and understand that it is through their support that you managed to do it successfully, it is vital to tell them how much you appreciated the help they offered, in writing.

Mail the card to their mail address if you know it. If you do not, you can choose to leave it on the office desk where they will find it. You can also hand-deliver the letter to them the next time you meet. However, when hand-delivering cards, it is vital to be as discreet as possible as it is not right to make someone contended while your real intention is to thank them.

It is also great to send your boss a thank you note for hosting a great end-of-year or Christmas party. If the assistant was involved in doing a lot of the planning, it pays to send them one. By doing so, one stands out as a person who does not take other people’s acts of kindness for granted.

For any party you attended or gift you received but did not say thank you

In case you received a gift from someone, opened it and said thank you, technically you do not have to write a thank-you note. However, you can later send a voice or a text message the next time you meet, where they will feel appreciated. It is also important to send these notes for family hosted holiday events; that is because they are okay with you not sending you one, but when you do send one, it will make their day. Mixbook makes your message personalized and hearty to send to these categories of people. Tour their site and know more about what they offer.

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