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Property in Australia is a strong and safe asset with a potential for exponential capital growth. The internet might provide a wide range of options while searching for a property for sale near me, but finding the right property can be daunting without guidance. There is a lot of thought, planning and research that goes into each stage of buying a home in Australia. This brief guide will provide details about where to start and what to look for when investing in a property.

Where to Begin?

The first place to begin is understanding one’s goals and financial capability about buying a house or a property. Before looking at the various options available for a dream home, one must sit down and carefully examine their finances and see how much they can spare on a mortgage. One must also understand their borrowing capacity, loan repayment-capacity, and consider profit and loss, property repair and maintenance, rates and levies.

Then comes clarifying the reason for the investment, whether it is a short-term rental, medium wealth creation or a long-term strategy for retirement. When these two are clearly defined and considered, it will help form the right foundation to invest in the property that’s right for them.

Create a Property Wishlist

Finding the perfect property that checks all the boxes might be a rare find. Usually, property buyers might have to make compromises. The question then arises about the must-haves that they want in their new homes and what they would do without acquiring them if need be. For example:

  • Families with kids planning to buy a new home would look for homes with easy access to school, parks, open playgrounds, a backyard and transport.
  • Working adults might look for proximity to the workplace, access to public transport, community events, restaurants, entertainment and recreational activities.
  • Young and retired couples looking for a quiet suburban getaway with home recreational spaces might want a well-established backyard, a garden with a good view and a pool to enjoy in.
  • Those who have pets or rear animals might want a house with a yard and facilities for their maintenance.

The must-haves would be something that one would not compromise about. These would be the deal-breakers when it comes to choosing the right property ultimately. Then there are some nice-to-haves that people would ideally like to possess in their homes, but they aren’t vital for a comfortable living. These are some things that one can compromise on if it comes to a decision involving the property’s finances or an otherwise ticked checklist. Having a clear idea about these aspects would make the process of property-hunting simpler.

Research About the Market and the Methods

These days, there are multiple ways to invest in a property or buy a home. There are options such as buying to rent, reinvesting, teaming with friends and family, buying off the plan, apartment units, house and land packages and buying older established properties one can opt for.

Some of the best ways to understand the Australian real estate market and decide which the best buy would be is to consult trusted real estate agents, visit open houses, auctions. Always have an update with new listings to check when the right property is under the budget and becomes available in the market.

Those looking for a property for sale near me as an investment must ensure that they thoroughly update themselves on their circumstances, current interest rates, time-frame, property type, location, property price point, demand and desirability among tenants and residents.


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