Thursday, April 18, 2024

If you find yourself needing to replace your glasses or lose your prescription details during this time, we can help. Read on to discover more about online eye tests, how to get a free online glasses prescription with SmartBuyGlasses and how to buy prescription glasses at home.

What’s an online eye test?

An online eye test is really a vision test that is designed to measure your visual acuity and refractive error. It’s also possible to be tested online for color blindness and contrast sensitivity. An online eye test is incredibly useful especially during the COVID-19 pandemic in case you break or lose your glasses and need to order new ones online but can’t remember your prescription details. SmartBuyGlasses offers an online eye test called the Lens Scanner, that provides your prescription details- see below for more information.

Remember, an online eye test doesn’t replace a visit to your optometrist as you aren’t able to check your eye health online. You should still continue to have an in-person eye exam every two years so your optometrist can ensure you don’t have conditions like cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration.

How do you read a glasses prescription?

It can seem confusing at first to understand what all the numbers and words on your prescription really mean. You might notice on your glasses themselves, at the temples, you can find your glasses measurements. They are represented by three consecutive numbers that are separated by dots, dashes, or vertical bars. They show the lens width, bridge size, and temple arm length. Some frames even offer the fourth number, which refers to the height of the frames.

What’s the Lens Scanner app?

Lens Scanner is a prescription reader app available in the app store and google paly, powered by 6 over 6, which allows people who already own prescription eyeglasses, but don’t remember their prescription details, to extract their eyeglasses prescription through their phone. It’s free, user-friendly and time-saving. It goes without saying that the Lens Scanner is revolutionising how people buy prescription glasses online. You no longer need to go to an eye clinic just to get your current eyeglasses prescription. Thanks to this new technology, eye health care is becoming even more convenient and accessible from home.

How can I get my online glasses prescription?

By using our Lens Scanner app and following these easy instructions you can quickly and conveniently find your prescription online and for free!

    Find it on the Apple or Google Play store & we’ll show you how to sync it with your laptop or computer. In order to use Lens Scanner you must have a smartphone and a computer/laptop that has a 12” screen or larger.
    Any card from your wallet will do. Place it on your computer screen for size calibration.
    Place your current prescription glasses between your phone and the computer screen & follow our app’s instructions.Through the manipulation of light coming from your digital screen and thanks to the magnetic part of your card, the app is able to retrieve the optical parameters of your current eyeglasses.
    Don’t worry, it’s easy. Just place the magnetic card on your forehead & snap a picture with your phone.
    It’s that simple! Once the app has finished scanning your lenses, you will receive your complete and ready-to-use eyeglasses prescription. Your glasses prescription will be automatically saved and added to any glasses you’d like to purchase. The big question now is what glasses you should buy?


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