Thursday, June 20, 2024

While it’s great to be creating blog posts that your audience will read, it can be a little disheartening if you’re not getting much interaction on your posts. To really feel like your audience is engaged with you, it’s crucial that you find ways to get traffic to your content and then entice that traffic to leave comments or questions for you.

To help you accomplish this, here are three tips for getting more interaction on your blog posts.

Make Your Headline Engaging

The very first thing that your audience is going to see relating to your blog posts is your headline. Because of this, you should be spending quite a bit of time ensuring that you’re crafting headlines that will interest your audience, make them have some kind of emotional response, and will encourage them to leave you a comment or even share your post.

According to Amanda Clark, a contributor to, your headline should also make it very clear what your audience can expect from reading your article. While it’s fine to have some surprising information or ideas, you don’t want your audience to think your blog post is about something it isn’t or to invest their time into content that isn’t what they expected.

Add More Than Just Text

To create truly engaging content that your audience will want to respond to, you often have to go beyond simply having text for them to read. shares that by including images, graphics, gifs, and video with the text of your content, you can often improve upon how engaging your content is and persuade your audience to become more involved in what you’re producing. Additionally, by adding more than just text, you’ll have a better chance of holding your audience’s attention until the end of your post, which could improve your odds of having your readers engage with you through shares or comments.

Just Ask For It

Although this may seem a little desperate to some, simply asking your audience to leave you comments or share your post can be a great way to accomplish these objectives. If your audience doesn’t know what you want, it can be hard for them to give it to you. So by explicitly stating what you’re wanting, Vinay Koshy, a contributor to Search Engine Journal, shares that you increase the chances of it happening.

If this seems too forward for you, you could also try asking questions throughout your post that you then encourage your readers to answer in comments at the end of the post. Just make sure you’re asking solid and open questions that your audience will want to respond to.

If you’re wanting to get more quality interactions from the people who visit your blog, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just this.


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