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You all might know about the famous saying, “shoes are a girl’s best friend.” And what pair of shoes is better than Italian ankle-length leather boots for women?

The leather boots are a practical fashion statement for all women out there. They are not only warm on the inside, but they can be paired with different types of denim, dresses, skirts, and trousers. They are a perfect accessory for a woman’s wardrobe. Also, they protect the feet from the chilly winter winds.

But you also need to take care of these Italian women’s ankle boots. Here are a few tips to follow while washing these boots.

1st step- Cleaning the boots

Check for the stains and marks on your Italian boots. There may be stains on the boot because of prolonged use, or the salts that have been dried up in the cracks at the bottom of your boots. Whatever might be the type of dirt your boots have gathered, you need to clean them gently.

For the dried salts and the salt rings present on the Italian boots, you need to get a damp cloth and a bowl of warm water. First, rub the damp cloth on the boots and then dip the cloth in the bowl of warm water. Then gently rub the salt rings and the dried salts at the bottom of your boots. The first coat of the damp cloth will help the dried salts loosen up, and the warm water will help the salts lose their place without widening the cracks.

For the stains present on the skin of your boot, mix equal parts of water and vinegar. Do not overuse the vinegar in the solution. Mix the water and the vinegar thoroughly to make a quick solution. Now use a cotton swab to apply the solution over the stains present on the boots. Be gentle in your approach.

If the stains are not removed by the water and vinegar solution, then it is good to leave the solution on the stains for a few minutes and then try again. Also, applying hot water on the boots before the vinegar solution is a good idea and always gets your boots squeaky clean.

For general dust and dirt, you should use a dusting brush to get rid of it. You can also use a saddle brush and normal soap to wash the dirt away. Rub a damp cloth and then place using the soap to create a good amount of lather. Keep the soap rubbing until the dirt wears off of the shoe. Then use the damp cloth to wipe the shoes and, after that, clean with fresh water. Italian women’s ankle boots are usually dirt and dust resistant. So you will not have to use a lot of rubbing to wash them.

2nd step- Removing the scuffs

Scuffs are the most irritating thing to happen to your leather boots. But do not worry. We have a very easy solution for the scuffs as well. After cleaning your boots, pat them dry. Make sure that there is no moisture present in the boots. Then you need cotton or muslin cloth and baking soda.

Dab the cloth in a little water and then apply the baking soda on it. Now rub the cloth on the scuffs of the lovely pair of your women’s Italian boots. You will notice that the scuffs will start to disappear in the first application itself. However, apply two to three times to get the best possible results. After you have wiped out all the scuffs from your boot, clean it with a fresh piece of cloth and leave it to dry.

3rd step- Future damage prevention and storing

To ensure the longevity of your boots, make sure that the boots have been stored in a cool and dry place. The boots should not be placed in a damp place at all. It can be placed in a warmer temperature, but make sure you store them away from direct sunlight. The heat from direct sunlight damages the texture of the Italian ankle boots for women and also develops cracks in them.

Also, avoid plastic bags for storing your boots. The leather boots need to breathe as they are made from organic materials. The plastic bags will shrink the leather boots and dry out. Choose a box with breathable holes or a loose lid that will not damage your leather boots’ quality. Always make sure that the boots are clean enough before storing them away in a locked box.

Before storing the boots, apply a coat of protective spray on them. Also, after you have cleaned the shoes, apply the waterproofing spray on the boots to prevent soiling and damage.

And here you have it, effective tips to clean the Italian boots!


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