Thursday, June 20, 2024

So, your company has come up with a new line of products after a thorough research & development process. The products are promising, and you think that it could be the next bug thing in trending goods.

Now, there is just one more thing that you need to do – making sure that the people out there are aware of your new product line and market it to them. Here are some examples of ways that you can successfully put get your goods into the market.

Post about it on Social Media

Take excellent photos, make any necessary edits, and post it on your Facebook page & Instagram business profile. Excellent graphics and a clear description of your products in the captions can do plenty to market anything that you have!

Try looking into relevant hashtags and add them into your posts as well. By adding these hashtags, your customers are more likely to stumble upon your business and products by exploring the hashtags that they are interested in.

Attend Networking Events & Fairs

You would be surprised by the market exposure and interest that you can get just by establishing a local presence in your business community.

Set up a booth where you can have a custom exhibition stand, banners or stickers. These offline marketing collaterals work well as a branding tool to your customers and prospective clients when they pass by your booth at business fairs and networking events.

Create an Online Catalog

What better place to showcase your latest products than on a digital catalogue? Create an online storefront where your customers can directly purchase your products. Make the whole process as seamless as possible.

List your available products with accurate descriptions, and provide a secure payment gateway for your customers to complete their transactions. You can also add an online banner on your eCommerce homepage to alert your site visitors to new products.

Use Varying Formats for Your Products

Do not stop at having several snapshots of your products. Introduce your new offering with a GIF, a video or a short blog post about it. You can upload these different media forms on various sites, helping you to reach users who may be less interested in one platform and more so in another.

As an example, a simple video introducing your products may reach users who are mostly on YouTube. Meanwhile, a blog post could reach prospects who are researching products just like yours on Google. The more formats you have available for marketing, the more people you will reach on different platforms.

Run Digital Ads

Show your new products to prospects who are more likely to be interested in your new offerings by running Google Display Ads or Facebook Ads. These ads can help you to expand your market reach to people who might not even have heard of your brand, increasing your pool of prospects.

You will only need a couple of image designs and a headline or two for Google Ads. As for Facebook ads, you only need a well-written post with some advertising budget. Set your ad targeting to include groups of people with interest in brands or products like yours, and you’re set to maximize your reach.

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